Aug 29, 2019

Lovin' Life 29/8/2019: New Mat, Stay.

This week, I'm loving my new yoga mat.

I'm loving its black marbled finish, that spring under my step as I jump through a vinyasa, the reassuring stick as I pivot feet and hands between the various warriors and that weird in a good way new mat smell.

More than its physical properties, though, I'm loving the way practising on a new mat makes me feel.  I'm three months or so into my recommitment to daily yoga practice and I've come to love the 20 minutes or so in the evening that sees me fold, bend, stretch and balance before retiring to bed.  I've rediscovered the power of my breath and I've rediscovered that respect for the transformation of a human body's function over its appearance.

I don't quite know the science behind it but since using my new mat, I've been able to fold deeper, stretch higher and balance for longer in the asanas....


Or should that be new mat, stay.

And on that note....


  1. I've just restarted a stretching practice - I'm not calling it yoga yet & I'm not calling it a habit yet. Either way, my mat is old. New mat, it.

  2. Fantastic! Congrats on your new mat and well done on sticking to your new evening routine! I want to incorporate yoga into my life too. Can't afford to go to classes though ... on top of the pilates classes x 3 I do each week. Do you use an app or something or just know what moves to do yourself? #TeamLovinLife

  3. New Mat Say! Well done for keeping up your yoga routine! I need to start one! Where did you get your mat from? #LovinLife

  4. That's a nice mat SSG! I haven't started the yoga yet. Getting there little by little. Still going to the gym though!!!!!! SO proud of me.


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