Sep 1, 2019

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: August 2019.

My birthday month!  There was a source of happiness for each of the thirty days of the fabulous month of August.  Coincedence?  I think not.

  1. Kicking off the festival of Leo with a new tube of my favourite mascara.
  2. I farewelled a much-loved team member.  It was a great privilege supervising them over the last few months.  Definitely one of the non-clinical moments of my job that bring me great joy.  Wishing them every success for the future.  
  3. Is it really winter?  You couldn’t tell by looking at the sky today.
  4. The slowest Sunday I’ve had in a while.  I loved and needed every minute of today.
  5. Trying not to get the pre-race nerves get the better of me.  I’ve trained as hard and as well as I can.  What will be, will be this Sunday.
  6. What a refreshing and much-needed swim this morning.  
  7. That feeling when you get lost in a really good novel before you drift off to sleep for the night.
  8. One in eight Australians will experience homelessness in their lives.  Today was the end of Homelessness Week and each of us at work have been able to help in many ways thanks to the program that’s been running through the week at work.
  9. It’s been a day of difficult conversations, breakthroughs but also many reminders why I love what I do.
  10. So.  Much.  Wind.  Not personally but from the weather.  Really hope it’s gone by tomorrow.
  11. Wore my bib and medal for a good five hours after running the City2Surf. 
    Posted endlessly to social media.  Got a taxi back home.  All of the above.  It was a great day.
  12. Another year around the sun.  Chaos at work.  Tickets to Paris confirmed with a special surprise. 
    Cake, song and cuddles with the little guy when I got home.  This is what 44 is - a bit of everything all at once.
  13. Perspective is everything.  
  14. The simple joy of making a super-fast paper plane.
  15. Manoeuvred out of a tight parking situation with only my nerves (and parking sensors) to get me through.  Winning at life!
  16. That Friday feeling.  Dinner from the freezer with my current read to follow.
  17. It’s happening at last.  The mornings are definitely feeling warmer these days.  
  18. Said a bye for now to the Australian Museum today. 
    It’s closing for a year’s worth of plastic surgery to accommodate a major exhibition of Egyptian antiquities next year.
  19. Monday.  Work.  They go together like a horse and carriage….
  20. Tax return stuff submitted. 
    To my accountant.  Lodge my own tax return?  Not in the foreseeable future….
  21. I’m pretty sore after that half marathon attempt yesterday. 
    But less sore than if I hadn’t recommitted 15 minutes each evening to a spot of yoga.  Namaste.
  22. One of those special days at work where I feel that I’ve really made a difference in what I’ve said and done.
  23. Went rogue for a few hours in the city this afternoon.
    On the very same day Sydney’s trains went into meltdown….  More waiting and less window shopping than I would have liked.  Ooh well. 
  24. Pretty convincing first taste of spring in Sydney today.  Not long to go now….
  25. What a glorious day for a ride on the ferry and an afternoon at the zoo with dear friends.
  26. I started today with dread and fear but ended it feeling like much was achieved and that my instincts were accurate.  A bad but good kind of day.
  27. Paying it forward today and it feels good to be able to do so.
  28. It actually felt good pounding the pavement this morning!  I'm so relieved because I have a 10K coming up and was scared that my running mojo had gone for good.
  29. Hawkie, you're up there having a laugh at all of us down here, aren't you? 
    It's been raining cats and dogs today, nothing has gone to plan today, I was frazzled sitting in the traffic and then Iooked up and saw this van promoting your eponymous beer!
  30. I had lunch at 12.30pm today instead of 3pm!  It felt wonderful!!!! 
  31. Ahhh..  Saturday mornings with the travel supplement, coffee and an almond croissant.  Plus my dreams. 
    Of Paris and of a day when it isn't raining in Sydney....

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