Sep 30, 2019

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: September 2019.

The official start of spring, the final single digit month of the year…. September, you’re pretty special.

  1. Spring has sprung and what beautiful weather to usher in the new season.
  2. I just met lovely people wherever I went today.   Here. There. Everywhere. 
  3. I opened a new block of chocolate for the treats jar today. 
    This one’s a keeper!
  4. The inevitable has happened.  I am sadly nearing the end of a series of crime novels I have become very attached to.  The grief is real, I tell you!
  5. It was ‘Be Late For Something’ Day today.  I was late for something - lunch.  Because I left it at home.  Never mind.
  6. An evening of reflection, inspiration and gratitude.  It was my work’s annual staff dinner tonight and I heard so many stories of courage, hope and selflessness over the course of the evening.  Reminding me again about the unique position and perspective of my chosen profession.
  7. Free lollies with my Saturday shopping? 
    Don’t mind if I do.
  8. Found!  The bag of summer. 
    These Ikea mini shoppers are a steal at 69 cents a pop.  Cents….
  9. I’m still wondering whether I sent my fax the right way up this afternoon… We must be the only industry in Australia that still depends on fax machines.
  10. I’ve lost count of the number of mugs of tea I’ve drunk today to keep warm.  Windy days always make me feel cold.
  11. Oh I’m all talked out from today.  All.  Talked. Out.
  12. Looking forward to starting the penultimate book in the DI Greene series in bed tonight.
  13. Well done, Master SSG on your ribbon for running at your athletics carnival today!
  14. Panadol, fresh berries, oranges and plenty of fluids.  Everything and anything to make sure I get over this cold for race day tomorrow.
  15. What a stunning day for a 10K and what a time! 
    Over the moon.
  16. So glad that I was able to carve out some time just for myself this morning.  Opportunities like that don’t come around twice on a Monday.
  17. Considering myself very fortunate to have the privilege of listening to Steve Biddulph speak tonight.  He is such an engaging and thought provoking speaker.
  18. This dragging around a wet umbrella everywhere I go is wearing very, very, very thin at the moment.
  19. One of those days that didn’t quite go to plan…. pretty much from the get go.  Still, at least tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!
  20. A picnic lunch in the car, Master SSG’s school musical, dinner with my brother from Perth and a drive back and forth into … The CBD. 
    A day of high adventure!  And yes, we made it back home without getting too lost from that spot of city driving.
  21. An absolutely lovely evening having dinner with my family. 
    It meant to much to be able to bring everyone together tonight.
  22. A day of celebration.  Friendships, birthdays, family. 
  23. The last Monday of term and the last Monday before annual leave.  Bring.  It.  On.
  24. Beautiful morning at Parsley Bay as a school excursion parent. 
    I had the foresight to bring hand sanitizer!  I wasn’t much practical help beyond this though.
  25. And that’s term three done and dusted. 
    I got a bit teary this morning because it’s the last time Master SSG will be wearing the winter ELC uniform.  Ever.  He’s growing up….
  26. So close I can taste that R and R.  Second last day at work before annual leave.  Oh, and I managed to get a heap of errands done straight after work before heading home.  It's the little things.
  27. My ‘out of office’ email went live at 5pm.  See you in a bit, hectic workplace and adorable Face of a new hospital initiative. 
    Be good while I’m away.
  28. I don't even know who I am anymore.  I've started packing. 
    A good 5 days out from my flight.
  29. I don't know why I get so anxious about my optometrist appointment.  It was all much less painful than I feared it would be.  It was even a pleasant experience thanks to my lovely optometrist.
  30. Today was the last day of the last single-digit month of twenty nineteen.  Anyone else in a mild panic that it's happened already?


  1. Oh annual leave, yay! Enjoy! I'm very impressed with your packing prowess and levels of organisation. And what an incredible time at Blackmore's - love your work!

  2. Hi SSG - well that was a month full of variety and I'm glad you're having a break to catch your breath! And I know what you mean about faxes - both the specialists I worked for used one for everything - maybe one day they'll finally move over to the electronic system for everything - not my problem any more though :)

  3. I'm spacing out my DI Greene novels - but loving them... As for the last single digit month of the year, the rest are going to fly by!

  4. Have a great holiday - and what an awesome time! You should be stoked! You're quick!

  5. I loved reading the DI Greene novels too, so miss them now! Enjoy the holidays ahead. Isn't it funny I don't mind the optometrist but I fear the dentist! #lifethisweek

  6. By now, you will be counting down in hours till you leave. Great job on the run, lady!! Love your catch ups.
    Have a wonderful time in Paris. I look forward to following on IG.
    Thank you for linking up for #LifeThisWeek. Next week's optional prompt is 40/51 Share Your Snaps #8. 7/10/19. Do hope you join in too. Denyse.


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