Sep 3, 2019

In Anticipation of Spring.

Spring!!!  It's officially arrived and I, for one, am delighted.  

Spring is the season that seems to be a reward for surviving winter.  The ridiculously reduced number of daylight hours.  The inconvenience of having bone-chilling cold spells during the week (they're so much easier to deal with when you've got a doona, Explorer socks, ugg boots, thermals and an endless supply of hot drinks at home).

I am convinced that when September 1 rolls around, everything looks and is suddenly better.  

Leftover cold and flu symptoms evaporate under the sun, places like light rail stations in the middle of construction zones look like tourist destinations, there's a different energy in the air.  

Speaking of superfluous long sleeves, I've sent my Camilla to the drycleaners ahead of the party season that is spring/summer.  I also had a lovely gossip with the owner of the business.  She's a  fellow Camilla fan and loves the timelessness of the prints. See?  That's the power of spring - it gets people chatting and connecting.

Spring was in the windows of the local shops or at least spring was the vibe I was getting from this tableware and champagne bottle arrangement. 

In addition to a flurry of functions, spring is also about travel and both seem to only improve with the addition of bubbles.

Spring means being a tourist in your own city and taking the ferry to the zoo and then back home (because the trains were offline for trackwork).

It's still early days but I just know this is going to be an amazing spring.

Do you adore spring?

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  1. You do make Sydney look very clean and pretty!! Nothing like the blue sky is there.
    Happy Spring!
    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week the optional prompt is Taking Stock, I hope you can join in again. Denyse.


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