Sep 24, 2019

Kitchens on Kent. The Staycation Life.

I'm no longer even remotely embarrassed to admit this....

I love being a tourist in my own city.

I'm there taking in the view from hotel windows the moment family come to visit and invite (as if I need any persuading) me to meet them where they're staying.

My Perth nephew is as passionate about Sydney as I am.  He has had an action-packed itinerary while he's been here.  He was at Master SSG's school musical, got to visit the set afterwards, brought his scooter along to get in a few rides around Darling Harbour (pictured) and he was at the zoo yesterday.

I've taken a more sedate approach to the visit, kicking back with a glass of champagne in the hotel lobby in between activities.

 Master SSG has always had a soft spot for Darling Harbour.  His favourite activity (other than attacking the playground opposite Maccas) is to watch the performers dotted along the concourse.

It wouldn't be a gathering of cousins, siblings and extended family without a lavish dinner somewhere.

One kind of dinner that's always a hit with the children is a hotel buffet.  The theatre, the choice, the opportunity to walk between courses... it's everything you could want on a Saturday night.  The night's chosen venue was Kitchens On Kent at the Langham which I believe was originally the Observatory Hotel.  

 We were a little early for our booking but I came prepared with a supply of box-fresh Crayola.

Kitchens on Kent is a beautiful dining space.  It's airy and spacious which makes it very child-friendly.  There are a number of stations clustered together in the middle of the dining room which features a host of ready to go foods as well as made to order stations that make crepes, naan (more on that later), noodles, sashimi as well as a carvery.

Master SSG had only one thing on his mind for dinner ... cheese.  He loves blue cheese and camembert.

I, on the other hand, had to have a made to order naan

as well as a couple of duck pancakes, also made to order.

The yum cha, pizza and steak were other foods popular with the younger diners at the table.

No buffet report on this blog would be complete without a tour of the desserts.

The bowls of candy provided endless options for Master SSG, as did the gelato station.

While my eyes and stomach were focused on the cakes.

I am happy to report that all three in this photograph were delicious.

Do you enjoy a good buffet dinner every once in a while?

Seafood, cheese or dessert?  Which do you make a bee line for?

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