Sep 16, 2019

Life This Week 16/9/2019: Colour All Around.

Try as I might, I just can't get life to slow down a bit so that we can both enjoy the wonder that is spring in Sydney.  We're hurtling to the end of term three (!!), I'm off traveling in just under three weeks (!!), the car's got to be taken to the panel beaters, I need to go to my routine eye check-up....  

And breathe.  

And reflect.

On the week that was.

I know I dramatize and I know that I also catastrophize but, without fail, each week on this earth never ceases to impress, humour and change me just a little bit.

I began Thursday on the road to Redfern.  I love that the mornings right now are a kind of balayage of winter and spring.  There's a crisp greyness to the city's light.

But then, after you've allowed some time to pass - take a walk through Petersham.  You'll be rewarded with vivid blue skies, immaculate red brick houses and colour co-ordinated waratahs flowering in the front garden.

More moody blue-greys for Friday morning.

Cheeky smiles and a matching green team wrist band and ribbon for running later in the afternoon.

An ($11!?!?!) bottle of dayglo orange cold-pressed juice to boost the senses and my immune system.  Why oh why did I need to get a head cold two days before the Sydney Running Festival?!?!

Back to grey... but with that red and white H&M markdown sticker we've all come to know and love.  This is my pre-race sweater.  The organizers will be collecting up discarded clothes at the starting line and donating them to charity.

A sunny corner of the play area has been transformed into a discovery garden thanks to the latest promotion at Woolworths.  Watch this space hopefully fill with green sprouts and shoots very soon.

Rainbow sponge cake is one of those feel-good afternoon teas, isn't it?   I'm positive it kicked that cold on its head as well as providing me with those all-important carbs for race day.


  1. Hope you got better and how did you do? I like this little plant idea...that might woo me over to Woolies for a shop!

  2. I was in Redfern Thursday morning - maybe we crossed paths and didn't even know it! Hope you had a fun run, you certainly had beautiful weather for it!

  3. Well done on your Blackmore's run. Hubby's been bringing me home discovery garden seeds too - I just love them. And thanks for the reminder re waratahs - I do miss them.

  4. I really love that you comment on life 'impressing' you - as well as humouring and changing you. I so often take a negative approach to everything rather than seeing the positives!

  5. I really adore Australian Natives. I have only discovered their appeal this year. Such beautiful creations. The weather looks sensational where you are. Melbourne is overcast and freezing as per usual.

  6. I love how you see the city!! Thanks for a linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is 38/51 Your Go-To Easy Meal. 23/9/19 and I hope to see you there. Denyse.


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