Sep 19, 2019

Lovin' Life 19/9/2019: A Power Walk Around Darling Harbour.

I don't know why I get as anxious as I do on that Saturday before a race but I do.

The conveniently bundled quartets of safety pins at the race bib collection point were a soothing sight.

I know that I'm there for the fun of running.  The buzz of being part of a group of like-minded strangers as we pound the pavement together.  The unique privilege of being up close and personal with some of Sydney's most iconic landmarks and locations - without all the cars.  That feeling of being a bit special by virtue of having some major streets closed 'just for us'.

But I overthink it all.  What if I'm late for my starting time?  What if I'm sick on the day (it's happening but fortunately I'm over the worst of it)?  What if I'm slower than I hope I'll be (also happened but I've lived to tell the tale and found 'the hunger' in the process)?

So.  Many.  Questions.

So I decided to take those pre-race questions on a relaxed walk around Darling Harbour after I dropped my gear off at race HQ.

It was a first for me being in the area just for a bit of exercise.

I'm usually here in the company of Master SSG in search of adventures (or Maccas) or else all dressed up and in work mode for conferences at the convention centre.

Walking with purpose as I followed the cues of my Aaptiv audio-guided training session gave me a different perspective on the CBD's tourist hub.  With my ears tuned in to my instructor and my mind processing the information and willing my body to follow the effort cues, my eyes were free to look up and around.

With its wide walkways and gentle slopes, the harbour precinct is a perfect place for a power walk.

The scenery that surrounded me was a dynamic mix of hotels, restaurants, bridges and maritime exhibits.

It was not your average walk through suburbia.

And you know what they say about change.

How it's as good as a holiday?

I think it also went a great way towards easing my pre-race nerves.


  1. I have always wished I could be a runner. I tried. My body isn't built for it. I'm a walker. I still go in the 'Bridge to Brisbane' and events like that now and then ... as a 'walker'. Well done to you SSG! BTW - nerves and anxious thoughts before big events are quite normal. xoxo #teamlovinlife

  2. Great pre-race strategy, SSG. Have fun at the race. I look forward to your post-race report. #lovin'lifelinky

  3. My blogging friend Char used to struggle with anxiety before races - including the travel part. She used to blog at My Life's A Marathon, but changed it to Run Amok tights when she started making her tights. She doesn't blog now though but I notice she goes in a lot more races and events and wonder if she's overcome that pre-race anxiety. (I must ask her!)

  4. So how did you do?? I'm keen to get to the Chinese gardens since they redid them. Maybe these holdiays - thanks for the reminder!

  5. I love walking around Darling Harbour. I love that walk down via Barangaroo to Walsh Bay and around to the Quay. In fact, if the weather holds, I might just do it on the weekend... if I get a chance, that is...


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