Sep 26, 2019

Lovin' Life 26/9/2019: Our Woolworths Discovery Garden.

This week I'm loving being an accidental green thumb thanks to Woolworths' Discovery Garden seedling kits.

What started off as Master SSG's hobby has now become mine.

I'm fully invested.  I even bought two of the limited edition sunflower kits - proceeds from their sale goes to a drought relief fund Woolies has set up for Australian farmers.

Hacks for growing the seedlings include housing them in plastic berry cartons to simulate greenhouse conditions.

I've taken to regularly taking our seedlings out into the back garden to encourage growth and to reduce mould growing on the cardboard seedling pots.

I think both hacks are working!  I admit to being somewhat cynical about any of our seeds actually sprouting when I first began planting them but it's been a wonderful surprise each morning to see the growth in each pot.

Sunflower and rocket seedlings hot housed in an old strawberry punnet.
Are you on the Discovery Garden bandwagon?

Do you believe the theory that some seedlings are rarer than others?

Personally, I'm stoked to have coriander and basil among our collection so far.


  1. I hate coriander so I'm not impressed we have two of them, haha! Our daycare has started asking for pots for the kids so I might do that if we get any more coriander and radish! I'm a terrible gardener, I have killed succulents and cacti (every time!) so I'm hoping we can keep these going. The boys love seeing them sprout and look each morning! I have my fingers crossed we get sunflowers - they have sprouted already even though it says it would take over a week, so hope we did it right!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

  2. I got 11 (I don't go to Woolies much but by coincidence, I did a big shop there on Monday). So I'm growing them - love your plastic hack. Good thinking. Might try the same. I am keeping the herbs and carrots but the other vegies, I will repot and put on the fence to give away if they take off. I have these bio containers that I've been wanting to repurpose and they'll be perfect for this...

  3. Grant's been collecting them for me but as I've been travelling for work and don't trust anyone to care for them while I was away I haven't planted them yet. I'm back now so I will.

  4. What fun! I remember an Auntie buying me some seeds when I was a kid. She was visiting and it was a fun activity she did with me. We planted them in a pot and watered them every day waiting for signs of growth. The sight of the first sprouts was so enthralling. I still get a thrill by this stuff today! Great concept by Woollies! xo #TeamLovinLife

  5. Good job planting your own garden! I usually plant a few things when I'm home in the summer. #lovin'lifelinky


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