Sep 10, 2019

Photo By Photo.

Today, as represented by various images I've downloaded to or taken with my phone.

It's the final week of training for this Sunday's Blackmore's Bridge Run which is part of the Sydney Running Festival.  Unfortunately, this is the first week of the training program that I've actually followed.  Oh well, better late than never.  It was 30 minutes of easy paced running and drills today.  Done.

The morning began with so much promise - sunshine with the touch of a breeze.  It's now grey and the winds are howling.  At least we had what we had...

Slow laps and an even slower coffee afterward.

I added a rainbow of fruit to my shopping trolley.

As well as a few 'bricks' from the Great Wall of Jatz.  Aren't Jatz the perfect all-rounder in the cracker department?  Cheese, dip, on their own - they're always delicious.

This inscription in an old book I found at home made me smile.  The book belonged to my brother and can you guess what he was trying to write?

That's right - 'Fox in Socks'.  The book (which also features his name and our old address in Perth in my mother's even printing) will be going to school with Master SSG next week for a presentation.  Moments like this are priceless and hard to adequately convey in words but I've been looking at and holding the book fondly throughout the day.

I've won the lottery!  The school excursion lottery.  I am one of four class parents heading to Parsley Bay on the last Tuesday of term....

That moment when you get into the car after it's been sitting out in the sun (such that it was) all day.  I feel my spirits lift the moment the warmth hits my face.  A bit like how dough rises when you pop it on the back seat for half a day before baking it.

In my pyjamas, Explorer socks on my feet and a mug of tea in one hand.  All before 5pm.  The weather made me do it.

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