Sep 28, 2019


My batteries are recharging as I type this post.  

I'm officially at the start of a fortnight and bit's worth of leave and it feels good.  I don't know what it is about the pace of my life right now but the school holidays are as much for my benefit as they are for the student of the house.  Perhaps it's because I now work that extra day or perhaps it's my body attempting to recover from the winter's infections and the niggling aches and pains that are your lot in life when you're over forty or even a combination of them all.  One thing's for certain - this break is going to work wonders on my body, mind and soul.

The mornings are so richly coloured these days.  I'm looking forward to enjoying them at my leisure while I run rather than while I'm stuck behind the wheel behind everyone else doing quick mental calculations about exactly how many minutes they'll be late by if this traffic doesn't get a move on.

Holidays call for extra special weekend brekkies.  In my case - bacon, cheese and egg croissants with a splodge or two of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce.  This particular brand is it as far as I'm concerned.  Available in mega-huge bottles at Costco or in the petite size at Woolworths. That croissant was a little nod to Paris, of course.  

Speaking of Paris.  It's only five days until I fly out.  I've sorted out a SIM card, my new Travel Money cards have arrived, my insurance is sorted and ....

I've started some solid packing.  I've made peace with my baggage allowance and as you can see from the photo, only the bare essentials are being packed.  I never go anywhere these days without a couple of packets of Peckish vegetable crackers and my own tea bags.  Isn't fortysomething travel so .... exciting and unpredictable?  Preparing you for my Paris diaries is what this is....

There's a bit of excitement over in my Discovery Garden.  The sunflower seedlings seem to be growing centimetres on a daily basis.

Kmart provided this $2 packet of giant ice cream sticks which I've been writing on and using as markers for the seedlings. 

No lap of the shops would be complete without a stop at Aldi and I feel that the universe smiled as she directed me here this fine Saturday.  Dark chocolate Merci variety packs are back.  They've been missing from the shelves of Aldi for years.  My last stash was from Berlin last last year.

Are you on holidays right now too?  You deserve it.  Enjoy.

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  1. Happy holidays! I've been back home for a week now after a month away. Kinda glad to be back into routine {though maybe not so much at work} and hoping the weather gets warmer so I can hit the beach soon. Hope you have a wonderful trip!


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