Sep 7, 2019

Spring Smiles.

It's true.  Spring brings out those smiles.  And things to be smiled about.

These cheery robotic yoghurt pouches put some bounce in my step as I glided down the aisles of the supermarket, guiding along a trolley that turned exactly when and where I needed it to.

The Birkis have officially come out for the season.  My feet are smiling even though they look a little the worse for wear.  Ironically, it's not all that running that's battered them a bit - it's been those rare occasions where I've recklessly worn fancy shoes to work.  As an aside, I wonder when I'll ever get another pedicure.  It seems such a waste of time to be sitting around waiting for feet to soak and then polish to dry.....

The cockles of my heart have been warmed by this 6am sun we've been gifted with this week.  It's even been warm enough to get by with short sleeves and no ski gloves when I've been trotting up and down the sidewalks.  It is a trot, sadly.  Any speed I've had this year seems to have deserted me.  Just in time for the fun run season.  The irony.

With only twenty-something days until Paris, I'm getting into the zone by reintroducing the Saturday morning pastry to my weekly routine.  Nutella brioche.  How good are they?!?!

I was rewarded for braving Westfield on a Saturday with the chance to be let loose in a self serve lolly display.

'Taste.  Shop.  Play.' is a promotion that ran over a weekend and featured all kinds of sweet treats and games that were free to try.

Stands were dotted around the almost continent that Westfield Bondi Junction feels like sometimes and the bursts of neon and pastels added an almost surreal pop art filter to the usual Saturday scene of harrassed people racing around getting things done and children fed / kept in one piece.

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