Oct 2, 2019

Annual Leave Wednesday.

Meanwhile from the land of annual / school holiday leave...

The seedlings are growing in the manner of newborns.  Literally overnight.

I ventured beyond Westfield for lunch and was rewarded with this barbecue pork banh mi for ... $5.  That's practically unheard of for a delicious and filling lunch around this neck of the woods.  I'm definitely going back for more.

Yes, despite the sea of Lego that inhabits a laundry basket in the lounge room, we don't own any in just the colours Master SSG needs for a new project he has in mind.  Which is how I found myself in front of the pick and mix wall of the Lego Store at WBJ.

The mornings are beautiful but I don't think you needed me to tell you this.

Today's staycation adventures took us to Barangaroo a place I love for its contrasts of futuristic skyscrapers

statement art installations

and quirky mix of dining and retail options.

'Title' is a new to me bookstore in the heart of the business precinct.

While the sidewalks of Barangaroo may be filled with suits, stilettoes and the odd chef out on smoko, the stores each have unique characters and moods.  

As I walked and looked around, it appeared to me that the soul of Barangaroo could be found in these ground floor hubs.  

'Where's Bowie'... putting the glam rock into children's / family picture books

Together with the striking office tower lobbies, they represent a vibrant foundation to the area that I don't ever recall feeling on my wonderings through the CBD proper.

Barangaroo House is currently channelling spring like nobody's business.

No school holiday staycation would be complete for Master SSG and I without lunch at Betty's Burgers.

I order the same thing every time.

 It hits the spot every single time.

This donut and cookie dough concrete mixer was a decadence after all those fries and onion rings.  I only got two spoonfuls of it though because Master SSG wasn't in a hurry to hand it over once he'd eaten half.

Oh dear.  If this isn't a sign of middle age then I don't know what is.  I'm packing my own foam roller for Paris.  The truly jet-set never leave home without favourite candles, artworks, personal chefs and stylists but yours truly?  The thought of going backwards in the progress I've made with self-myofascial release is so terrifying, I made a special trip to Kmart to pick up with $8 foam roller.  It's hollow so I've sacrificed the bare minimum of suitcase real estate.

It's been a glorious day in the sun and I'm practically packed for tomorrow too.

One more sleep!

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