Oct 21, 2019

Life This Week 21/10/2019: Home. There's No Place Like It.

As promised, I'm returning to normal programming.  No more dreamy posts about my adventures in Paris or being in transit in Doha and no more photos of both extremely photogenic locations.

I'm back at work happy.  With the return to the busyness, my colleagues, the thinking and the low key drama.

The landscape, sky and lights are beautiful in Paris as they are in Sydney.  While Paris makes me feel adventure, indulgence and excitement - looking out on Sydney in the morning evokes feelings of gratitude, belonging and anticipation of the day ahead.

The shopping's definitely different back home.  Walking down the road clutching a good old Woolies rotisserie chicken is definitely not a Parisian habit.  Even if the bag does match your new (French) handbag.

Nothing says home like a trip to Bunnings. Unfortunately, we missed sausage sizzle day but we are accessorized for summer courtesy of the official Bunnings straw hat.

Driving in Sydney traffic is a skill you never lose, even if you've been away for a while.  A bit like riding a bike, I suppose.

There was Coke No Sugar sipped at the lights and there was T Swift on the stereo.  The combination of the two always makes me feel like summer and holidays are never far away...

Now here's something I didn't see in Paris or ever before in my life!  A mama bird has built a nest in a tree at school.  It's on a low hanging branch and her chicks have hatched.  She was feeding them late in the afternoon when Master SSG lead me up the steps to get a closer look.

It's wonderful to be back home and back living my normal everyday life but there's still a feeling in my heart.  Perhaps it's because summer is so close, as is the Christmas / New Year break.  Whatever the reason, the heart says more travel is needed.  Soonish.

So we're headed to the beach for the weekend and I'm making a dent on my accumulated leave with tentative plans for next year's (!!) travel.

Have you just returned from some place fabulous (but not as fabulous as home)?  How are you coping?


  1. Welcome back, SSG! I saw a mama bird in her nest feeding her chicks in a local garden last spring, too. Have fun planning your next travel adventure! #lifethisweek

  2. It may not be as glamorous as Paris but I love the familiarity of the bbq chicken, Bunnings hat and Tim Tams!

  3. Welcome home & awww to the chicks and that Bunnings hat. Have a great week.

  4. Aww, loving the birds nest and its occupants! Also loving the Coke No Sugar, I'm addicted to that stuff!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. Welcome back! I enjoyed going through Doha airport on my recent trip to England, it was the first time there! I love Paris too but it's great to hear you're back at work happy most of all. :) #lifethisweek

  6. Welcome home! How cute was that mama bird? I love adventures - planning them, being on them and remembering them - but I love coming too because for me it's true what they say, there's no place like home! Where are you off to next?

  7. Accumulated leave...what fun that will be to play with. I am glad coming back to 'earth' has not so much been with a thud but seeing Christmas and 4th term at the end helping.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next wee's optional prompt is: 43/51 Your Favourite Book As a Child 28/10/19 BUT I am not following it. I am introducing my Daily Gratitude Instagram Challenge running for the 30 days of November, ending on the last day which is my 70th B'day !! Do add your blog link whichever prompt you choose...even no prompt! Denyse.

  8. Going away is nice but coming back home is also a great feeling. I agree with the sense of belonging and contentment.


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