Oct 26, 2019

The Week That Was.

A look back on the week that was.

An indulgent, sit down coffee at Garcon between school drop off and the official start of the working day.

Chocolate crackles and snow cones on the astroturf after school on Friday.

It was a school fundraising afternoon that went well into the afternoon.

So we stayed for dinner.

By 6pm, the non-student attendees of the fair were all more than ready to head home for some peace and quiet / the chance to replace their work clothes for tracky dacks  / mug of tea / wine / Netflix / a good book (delete as appropriate).

Needless to say, I am LOVING the mornings that springsummer bring to Sydney.  Because it gets bright that much earlier these days, I get to sticky beak at things on the way home from my run.  The fancy grocer down the road always has its shelves filled with things I usually only find interesting in a GOOP / in principle kind of way

but then I found Biscoff spread tucked away inside the store the other day and the rest is history. 


How.  Good.  Is.  Biscoff.  Spread?  It's just like the biscuit, only spreadable and more caramel-y in flavour.  It is perfect on toast.  And, I suspect, ice cream.

We've had our share of interesting snacks this week too.  Above is a bowl of Nutri Grain Smokey BBQ Trail Mix.  You can find it at supermarkets and while the cereal bit does taste pleasantly of smokey BBQ, there aren't too many nuts or other exciting bits and pieces mixed in with the cereal.  I am the kind of person who will go the extra mile and add my own raisins to my next bowl.

Master SSG has been breakfasting on slivers of triple cream brie with truffle on activated charcoal crackers.  Full points for the monochrome aesthetics.

Image result for strawberrynet parcel purple ribbon
via Google images

I've taken a trip down memory lane in my beauty cabinet this week.  Two of my favourite products from the StrawberryNet years have reentered my life.  Did you ever order much from StrawberryNet?  Could you always identify your order at the post office because of its lavender ribbon?  The rest of the beauty retail sector has caught up in recent years in terms of price and service while being able to offer more full ranges of the brands SN offer so I've pretty much quit ordering from them.

The two products that I first ordered from SN that I still love now are Clinique's Super City Block SPF 30+ ($42 AUD at Mecca Cosmetica online and elsewhere)  and Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant (currently $76 at Adore Beauty, $10 less than RRP).

The latest and greatest have come and gone over the years but these two superstars consistently deliver so I've gone back to them both.

And finally, it's that time of the year.  With the emergence of the fabulous end of year weather comes the realization that the new year isn't too far off either.  So I was at Officeworks getting my new Collins Kingsgrove Week to View for 2020 today.  Like wall clocks, desk diaries are things from the Old World I can't live without. 

Image result for daily flip calendar
via Officeworks
Who even uses the side punched edition?!?!

I was also on the lookout for a new insert for my daily flip the page desk calendar whatsit but the impossible happened.  They were already sold out of the version with the holes punched at the top but there was plenty of the side punched still available.  Why is there even the side punched version?  Anyway.  I'm obviously not alone in my love of paper diaries.  I'll be patrolling Officeworks regularly for signs of a restock.

Do you have a flip calendar on your desk at work?  Side holes or top holes?

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  1. That biscoff spread sound yummy!


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