Nov 29, 2019

Glam Corner. This and That.

A photo of a normal saline ampoule..... 

Just where is she going to take this post, you might be asking yourselves?  Not really sure myself but it's bound to be a journey that takes us far and wide and round and round.

Problems of the first world don't come more worthy of an Instagram post than those involving contact lenses and makeup.  Have you ever driven to work and unlocked the door to your office only to realize that it wasn't hayfever or the glare of the sun irritating your eyes but rather a few streaks of mascara and a  flick of eyeliner instead?  If you haven't, allow me to let you live it second hand.  It's equal parts annoying, uncomfortable and headache-inducing.  

It also pays to believe it when Benefit and Stila make those seemingly extravagant claims about the number of hours their products stay on.  Because they cling just as tightly to contact lenses as they do to human skin.  It took a fair bit of rubbing and most of that normal saline to return my left contact lens to its pristine state.

Have I reached a stage in life then where it's contacts or eye makeup but not both at the same time?  How will I even put my make up on without contacts?

Image result for makeup glasses
via google images

With these snazzy makeup glasses, perhaps?

Well just call me Ms Green Thumbs.  These are my radish seedlings just 3 days after I planted them.  I'm doing everything I can to keep this batch of seedlings well watered and sunned because I want to be able to have planters full of homegrown produce to lovingly tend to (and admire) over the Christmas break.  Christmas is when I hit peak homebody and this year I plan to add avid home gardener to my list of homely hobbies.

There were tears (mine) on Tuesday.  

With his new school tie (which neither of us can tie) in one hand and firm handshake with the other, Master SSG crossed the road to the brave new world of junior prep.

This was me all smiles and frocked up before the graduation.   Love the dress?

Why thank you.  And I'll thank Glam Corner on your behalf.  The dress was by Husk FYI, a label I never got around to trying before taking the plunge on Glam Corner.

Glam Corner are wonderful to deal with.  The website is very user-friendly with various ways to search for your outfit.  Besides the one item hire option, you can also hire a range of pieces for an extended period using the Premium option.

I received updates along the way stating when my dress was being dispatched as well as reminders for when and how to return it.  Each dress I ordered arrived freshly dry cleaned and beautifully wrapped in tissue.

Unfortunately, the first dress I hired didn't look as good on me as it did the model.  Customer service helped me out quickly, all I had to do was send the dress back with the tags still attached ASAP.  There is a tab on your Glam Corner account that enables you to register for a refund if you find yourself in a similar situation.

An express post satchel is included in the carton your outfit arrives in and all you have to do is place your dress in the satchel and post it back in the yellow letterbox.

Here's a visual.

Bottom line?  Highly recommended.  I like that Glam Corner stocks a wide range of Australian labels that I've admired from afar.  Up until now I couldn't make the maths work on buying a $500+ dress that I knew I'd only wear once.  GC allows you to access those show pony pieces for a reasonable price, look fabulous for your event before returning your outfit so that someone else can have their moment.  Kinder on your wallet, kinder on the planet.  #winwin

Before I go, some serious news if you're in NSW.  Mobile phone detection cameras go live this weekend.  Apparently, pre-testing of the cameras on our roads detected $35 million worth of illegal activity!!  I'm one of the guilty ones and I know I have to change.  Not just because of the fines but also for the safety of everyone I share the roads with.  Which is why I've finally made peace with those previously annoying gaps between the seats and the middle console in my car.  I'm going to hide my phone down one gap.  However, I will attach it to my the charging cord in my car so I will be able to fish it out of the gap after I've safely parked my car.

Will you have to change the way you use your phone when you drive?

Do you hire outfits for special occasions?

Nov 28, 2019

Lovin' Life 28/11/2019: Gardening Revisited.

I've rediscovered the joy of gardening.

Or at least what I call gardening.

I had a stash of Woolworth's Discovery Garden seed packs that had yet to be opened and watered.  I felt twinges of guilt every time I've walked past them these last few weeks and I finally gave purpose to that guilt over the weekend.

A friend had posted a photo of how lush her repotted seedlings were looking this week and it was just the nudge I needed to give my seeds life.

It is soothing, isn't it?  Doing something with your free time that doesn't involve screens, I mean.

Time passed as I contentedly opened cartons, watered soil packs, potted them and then embedded my seeds.

I hope I haven't left it too late. 

Let's see what grows, shall we?

Not all of my original seedlings survived the last few weeks of negligence but I've repotted those that have.  Remembering that water restrictions are currently being enforced in New South Wales, I'm planning to water the repotted plants with the remains of our water bottles at the end of each day as we enter the house.  Hope it'll be enough water for them.

Nov 25, 2019

Life This Week 25/11/2019: Five Things.

 As we head into the last week of November (!!), this has been life lately....

Our last Christmas Chapel in the Early Learning Centre.  The afternoon had a bit of everything.  Creative costuming, creative casting, creative dance moves and those memorable moments the youngest cast members are famous for providing each year.

I'm all about taking a balanced approach to the silly season this year, bodies being temples and all that.  Which is how I found myself at the local spendy whole food grocery store in search of lunch.  I call this the GOOP Life Lite.  Gwyneth might not necessarily approve but I reckon I deserve points for trying.  Regardless of GP's take on things, both salads were surprisingly delicious.  And filling.  I highly recommend pairing with something bubbly for Saturday lunch. 

It's the Festival of Seven next weekend.  Assembling the lolly bags is my all-time favourite part of the party process.  Stay tuned later on this week when I share everything that went on behind the scenes in the creation of some (very ordinary) homemade birthday cupcakes.  You're welcome.

A much needed slow Saturday at home saw me tackle all sorts of little jobs such as sorting next year's uniforms and posting messages across various Facebook groups looking for people willing to receive the gift of a bulk lot of old school uniforms.  I can't bear to just throw them out if there's parents out there who could put them to good use for another year.

And lastly, a bit of self-care.  Not the fluffy day-spa and self-gifting kind (not that there's anything all wrong with these, on the contrary...) but the very necessary sitting in your GP's waiting room kind of self-love.  I've done my routine health screen, got the form for the test I need and can now carry on with life.  It wasn't so hard or unpleasant yet I'd been putting it off and finding excuses for far too long.

It will be December next week!  How are you coping?

Nov 22, 2019

Friday Evenings Are Life.

Friday evenings are giving me life at the moment.  I don't know about you but the year and all its busyness has caught up with me in recent weeks.  I'm finding myself needing a strong mug of coffee around 3pm on a daily basis.  I almost fall asleep the moment I hit my yoga mat whether it be first thing in the morning or just before bed.  I dress each day as if I'm already on my Christmas New Year break.  No harm done there but work isn't exactly the most Birki Friendly environment.  It is friendly, don't get me wrong, it's just got lots of occupational health and safety rules about footwear.

That second wind I get when I realize it's the weekend once I drive home Friday ensures that I'm wide awake to read, scroll and yes, blog.

Speaking of which....

The view from the Rozelle Bay Pontoon on Thursday was eery with post-apocalyptic vibes.  With the goodwill of the people and some luck from the gods, there are fewer active bushfires than there were a couple of weeks ago.  However, the winds have been strong and all sorts of craziness has blown over to us from Queensland (I think) so there's been this loaded, toxic heaviness in the air this week.

More rain is forecast for this week and for once, I hope it buckets down.  New South Wales desperately needs those cleansing showers.

I found myself at COS this week and left with a sensible but edgy dress for work.  I'll always have a soft spot for bricks and mortar clothing stores... even if the bulk of my clothes shopping still takes place online.

'How Good Is Bread' and other excellent carbs.

'How Good Is Bread' is indeed rather good.  Not excellent but a solid performer for the price point.

Just reading the names of each shade in the morning puts a grin on my face and the suggestion of a cheeky glint in my eye (or perhaps that came from accidentally poking my eye with my mascara wand while trying to apply said mascara without my contacts in).  

I hear Tanya's voice every time I read the back of the palette.

The colours perform solidly for a variety of daytime looks - from work to the weekend.  However, the colour pay off isn't as high as from brands like Urban Decay and there is significant fall out most noticeable with darker shades like 'Cardio is Hardio'.  The glitter factor of 'Cake for Dinner' is high but you do need a heavy hand to make it work.  I highly recommend using primer under this palette. You also do need to put in more elbow grease to get the shades to blend.

All of this being said, it's a keeper for me in terms of the fun factor and usability of the shades.  More, Tanya, more!!!!  Please?????

It hasn't all been about carbs around here this week.  I did walk past this tempting display of pick and mix tomatoes at Coles this week.

Walked past and then drove on home to these Uncle Tetsu's cheese tarts.  My goodness, how good are they?  Cheesecake creaminess and zing in a delicately moreish pastry case.  They aren't just pretty faces, that's for sure.  Miraculously, one and half tarts are still in the fridge and the thought of them will see me through the long, mind-clearing runs I have planned for the weekend.

Wishing you as much fun and chill this weekend as I intend to have myself!


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