Nov 1, 2019

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: October 2019.

What.  A.  Month.  In the nicest possible way.  It still feels like it was all a dream, even as I put together this post and added my photos.  Paris via Doha, Kiama and not to mention all the wonderful family time I also had in between.  The excitement and spectacle have given me a much needed second wind to see me through to year's end. 

  1. Say hello to the new capybara enclosure at Taronga!
  2. The taxi is booked and I’m pretty sure my suitcase will be able to shut when I zip and lock it tomorrow.  
  3. One last ‘real coffee’ in Sydney before I enter that twilight zone of the coffee world - the airport and then the plane….
  4. I think I’ve lived today twice.  Once entirely on planes and in airports as a practice run and the second as my first, orientating day in Paris being driven around the city in a vintage Citroen no less.
  5. Escaped the city limits in a minivan as we explored Versailles and Giverny.  It rained but it also cleared up thoughtfully at the times we needed it to most - when we explored the gardens of the palace and later at Monet’s house.  Thank you, lucky stars!
  6. I took the Paris Metro on my own today!  I took it to meet my tour guide for a fascinating tour through the markets where locals shop for produce and excellent coffee!  It was lovely to meet you, Paolo!
  7. I was in the presence of magnificence today. I. M. Pei’s Pyramids at the Louvre are breathtaking when you meet them in real life. Just breathtaking. 
  8. More eating and walking today.
    Explored Montmartre in the rain, left with a full belly and happy memories before stopping off at Louis Vuitton Maison Champs-Elysées to experience the full fast luxury experience. 
  9. One of the trip’s character-building days. I lost internet connection on my phone whilst exploring. My Paris Metro experience saved the day though and for back to my hotel in one piece with all my shopping plus much-deserved treats from Paul and Pierre Herme. To go with my chilled half bottle of orange. 
  10. On the road again. To the Loire Valley. I’m really happy with the way my tours worked out this trip. It’s been a great mix of locations and activities. 
  11. And so it begins.  The long journey home.  That swim was just the ticket.
  12. Wow.  Just wow.  It’s been a surreal 25 hours or so.  How will I return to the real world?
  13. With yum cha of course!
  14. Running on most of my cylinders today, hoping to be 100% tomorrow.
  15. Getting better on the Eastern Distributor.  Practice (and missed exits) make perfect.
  16. First day back at work since what feels like whatever.  It went better than anticipated.  On a serious note, it was lovely to be back.  I work with some pretty wonderful people.
  17. Internet broken.  Jen Anniston is On The Gram!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. The car’s packed, we’re road tripping tomorrow.
  19. Staycation weekend with some of our most favourite people. 
    It’s been a special day.
  20. And we’re home.  Feeling chuffed, I navigated myself home with only my car GPS and lots of very clear road signs…. I did it and I feel invincible.
  21. A Krispy Kreme original for afternoon tea? 
    Don’t mind if I do.
  22. Getting things done today.  My tax return is being lodged.  Eyeing my bank balance in anticipation....
  23. Go me!  I've discovered and bookmarked this page from - it lets you work out time-based maths problems on an adjustable clock face.
  24. I take so much for granted.  I was speaking with someone about their experience of chronic breathlessness today and it made me realise just how much I take for granted regarding what my body does as opposed to how it looks.
  25. Nothing like a chocolate crackle on a summery evening to round out the business end of the week.
  26. Already.
  27. Sun. prawns and champagne.  All before midday. 
    It's been a pretty special Sunday.
  28. Finding minutes in my day any way I can.  Today I swapped primer and foundation for tinted sunscreen.  Not only have I saved time, it looks way better too.  Less really is more!
  29. Thank you, Toll Relief! 
    It's not every day this taxpayer feels the love of the government but when I do, it's a beautiful thing.
  30. The day began, things happened and now it's bedtime.  Where's my yoga mat?
  31. I set out prepared to be a Halloween Grinch but ended up having a lovely afternoon getting to know more people in the neighbourhood. 
    I was impressed to see so many elaborate costumes, decorated houses and overflowing dishes of .... candy.  Yes, that's what the children are calling lollies these days.  Candy.
And on that note, goodbye beautiful October.  

It was real.

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  1. So jealous of your Paris adventure! It's my dream to visit one day :)


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