Nov 2, 2019

Breathing Deeply. Commuting. Finding the Joy.

And breathe.  

It's the weekend.  And not before time.

I might be fresh off some holidays but that was largely irrelevant when the full force of Real Life hit my world this week.  Faulty power outlets, the car needing a service, a lost work swipe card, forgotten swimming gear needing to be urgently couriered to school a frustrating hour or so after I'd only just left....  

Saturday, you are a sight for sore eyes.  Not that it's been a bad week, it's just that all the stressful stuff decided to happen within the space of 12 hours....

I've surprised myself by how much I've enjoyed being part of Halloween in Sydney this year.  

Creatively themed decorations have greeted me every once in a while as I've travelled through the suburbs doing my thing.  Our own home included.

I even took Master SSG trick or treating around our neighbourhood. There were actual, hand-carved pumpkins, families dressed to theme but also (thank goodness) a few parents like me who had hit the footpaths directly from work and school pick up.

There was just enough going on for it to be manageable for both those were out for treats and those who were opting out of Halloween to carry on as they were.

Apparently, the children have decided that we call it 'candy' not 'lollies' during Halloween.  No tricks were performed but treats were shared and offered generously to all.  It was a lovely way for me to also get to meet a few more neighbours along the way.

You know what they say, come November, it's really all just about Christmas.  I haven't quite gotten around to getting the tree set up and decorated but I have put together our shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

As a responsible driver who either always has her wallet and licence with her or panics if she doesn't, it was a special moment when the Service NSW app was unbroken long enough for me to download my digital driver's licence.  Now I can step out for the day 99.99999% certain that I'll have my licence on me in some shape or form.

I started a commuter challenge on the Strava fitness app this week.  The idea was to make at least two commutes per week for a month on foot or by using pedal power.

The challenge made me think about my day and how I get from A to B along the way.  Below are some preliminary results.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my round trip to get coffee takes around five minutes at my regular (caffeine seeking) walking pace.

I put the timer on pause while I wait for my coffee and watch the 'hood wake up for the day. The timer goes back on when I start walking again... to position my buys for a few shots for the Gram....

Unsurprisingly, the slowest commutes have been from the car to school... 

the number of things that suddenly have to get done or found on the way in to school is truly astounding.

The longest commutes are the walks to and from the work carpark to my office.

While the quickest ones are those when I've got that ice-cold Coke Sugar in my hand as I attempt to make it in time on a Friday.  It's always the Friday that's a bit touch and go in the morning.

And on that note, I'm tapping this post out on Friday evening.  Mighty relieved that the business end of the week is done like a dinner and the weekend starts as of now.

Take care and enjoy the weekend as much as I intend to.

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