Nov 22, 2019

Friday Evenings Are Life.

Friday evenings are giving me life at the moment.  I don't know about you but the year and all its busyness has caught up with me in recent weeks.  I'm finding myself needing a strong mug of coffee around 3pm on a daily basis.  I almost fall asleep the moment I hit my yoga mat whether it be first thing in the morning or just before bed.  I dress each day as if I'm already on my Christmas New Year break.  No harm done there but work isn't exactly the most Birki Friendly environment.  It is friendly, don't get me wrong, it's just got lots of occupational health and safety rules about footwear.

That second wind I get when I realize it's the weekend once I drive home Friday ensures that I'm wide awake to read, scroll and yes, blog.

Speaking of which....

The view from the Rozelle Bay Pontoon on Thursday was eery with post-apocalyptic vibes.  With the goodwill of the people and some luck from the gods, there are fewer active bushfires than there were a couple of weeks ago.  However, the winds have been strong and all sorts of craziness has blown over to us from Queensland (I think) so there's been this loaded, toxic heaviness in the air this week.

More rain is forecast for this week and for once, I hope it buckets down.  New South Wales desperately needs those cleansing showers.

I found myself at COS this week and left with a sensible but edgy dress for work.  I'll always have a soft spot for bricks and mortar clothing stores... even if the bulk of my clothes shopping still takes place online.

'How Good Is Bread' and other excellent carbs.

'How Good Is Bread' is indeed rather good.  Not excellent but a solid performer for the price point.

Just reading the names of each shade in the morning puts a grin on my face and the suggestion of a cheeky glint in my eye (or perhaps that came from accidentally poking my eye with my mascara wand while trying to apply said mascara without my contacts in).  

I hear Tanya's voice every time I read the back of the palette.

The colours perform solidly for a variety of daytime looks - from work to the weekend.  However, the colour pay off isn't as high as from brands like Urban Decay and there is significant fall out most noticeable with darker shades like 'Cardio is Hardio'.  The glitter factor of 'Cake for Dinner' is high but you do need a heavy hand to make it work.  I highly recommend using primer under this palette. You also do need to put in more elbow grease to get the shades to blend.

All of this being said, it's a keeper for me in terms of the fun factor and usability of the shades.  More, Tanya, more!!!!  Please?????

It hasn't all been about carbs around here this week.  I did walk past this tempting display of pick and mix tomatoes at Coles this week.

Walked past and then drove on home to these Uncle Tetsu's cheese tarts.  My goodness, how good are they?  Cheesecake creaminess and zing in a delicately moreish pastry case.  They aren't just pretty faces, that's for sure.  Miraculously, one and half tarts are still in the fridge and the thought of them will see me through the long, mind-clearing runs I have planned for the weekend.

Wishing you as much fun and chill this weekend as I intend to have myself!

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