Nov 11, 2019

Life This Week 11/11/2019: Share Your Snaps.

Aren't the weeks so naturally photogenic right now? 

Here's what caught the attention of my iPhone this week....

A seaplane by a local restaurant.  What a way to arrive for lunch on the water!  Still waiting to be ticked off my bucket list.

'My' jacaranda tree nearly hitting its peak purpleness for twenty nineteen.

More jacaranda blooms with bonus sunshine and sandstone on the way back from morning drop off.

A windscreen wiper bouquet as seen in the carpark over the weekend.

A satisfying session of meal prep.  I make no apologies for the abundance of prepackaged ingredients.  When I'm in the trenches of the school term, every time-saving opportunity gets fully taken advantage of.  The Spice Tailor range is available at Woolies, around $5 per kit from memory.  I love the way they don't taste 'packet-y' and aren't too salty.

$5 tubs of pre-diced sweet potato and pumpkin, I'm looking at you and thinking 'money well spent'.

These are the sachets inside the Spice Tailor curry kit in my first meal prep photo.  To prepare, fry the spice sachet briefly, add fresh ingredients, then sachet #2, toss around a bit and then simmer in sachet #3.  I added some coconut milk and a can of tomatoes to bulk up the sauce as I was wanting to make 4 large lunches from the kit that is meant to serve 2 - 3.  I used a truckload of vegies (spinach, celery, green beans and a can of chickpeas) and I definitely needed the extra liquid from my add-ins to make it work.

And here we are.  Four freezer ready lunches for the crazy weeks ahead.


  1. Yum! Those spice tailor kits look so great and I love those pre-prepped beans where you just pop the whole bag in the microwave! I am loving the jacarandas right now, they're like tree speak for spring!

  2. Aren't you organised!!??!! I love the windscreen bouquet. Doesn't that make you smile!?!

  3. Hi SSG - nice meal prepping (and so organized!) I loved that amazing jacaranda - we have lots of them in WA too but that one of yours is HUGE!

  4. That's one impressive Jacaranda tree! I, also, would love to arrive by seaplane to a fancy restaurant on the water. How fabulous!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. Thank goodness for Jacarandas..they are the plus side of nature whilst the fires and smoke is all part of the scenes in so many places. Thank you for joining Life This Week, next week's optional prompt is 46/51 Gift Idea For Teachers 18/11/19. Sure hope to see you link up again. Denyse.


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