Nov 18, 2019

Life This Week 18/11/2019: That Feeling.

That feeling is already in the air.  Summer is officially here, according to Sydney.  December 1 rolling around on our calendars is a formality really.  End of year drinks have started for the season and it's perfectly acceptable, nay expected to have back to back weekends filled with social engagements.

Christmas is also something that's very much in the air and I'm good with that for a change.  The front garden and house decorating has begun on my jogging route and I am indebted to those homeowners who have turned on the Christmas cheer so that we might all crack a smile on our daily commutes.

That feeling has been felt at school too.  The school year ends in just over two weeks (!! - school holiday care related exclamation marks) which means the end of an era for Master SSG.  He moves to junior prep next year.  A whole new uniform, a whole new set of expectations ... and independent financial access to the school canteen.  It's all unchartered territory for us both.

Something I see continuing despite the campus move is a tradition the before school care crew began this year.  Each boy decided to bring breakfast in to share with the others.  It's gotten so big that the co-ordinator has had to set 'waffle' versus 'cereal and toast' days each week to space out the treat breakfasts.  We've just shopped for our last breakfast for the year.  Just hope I remember to bring it all in with us.

That feeling saw me take advantage of Everlane's famous 'Choose What You Pay' section to fill the gaps in my summer dress wardrobe.  'Choose What You Pay' offers you a range of sale prices to choose when you're ready to check out with your purchase.  The dresses I chose worked out to be 40% off.  The fabrics are wonderful and similar styles are just starting to drop on the local high street at full Australian retail prices (aka sometimes painful).  I've linked to the page on Everlane's site.  Well worth a look if you're into simple styles in staple colours that look good with Birkis.

Image result for tanya hennessy palette priceline
via Google images

Tanya Hennessy is that feeling.  I know I'm older than her target demographic but her parody videos about facets of everyday life as an Australian woman make my evenings at the end of long days.  It's humour that's on point, canny but never cruel.

So naturally, when Tanya announced the launch of her Models Prefer range at Priceline,  I joined in on the constant page refreshing on the Priceline site hoping for a miraculous restock of the palette or mascara.  It wasn't to be on the web for me but I was lucky enough to find the 'How Good Is Bread!?' eyeshadows ($25) in-store at Westfield Bondi Junction.

These sunflowers need no explanation.

That feeling.  I love this time of the year in Sydney.


  1. An exciting time, starting big school! I think we have a month before holidays start but now I'm in a panic I've mucked it up. I seem to be all over the place at the moment!

  2. I bought the Tanya Hennessey palette too (and the brush set)! How funny is it?! I actually didn't know who she was but I Googled her after a press release email from Priceline and I knew I had to pick it!

  3. It's interesting to hear when students have school break in Australia. The festive decorations and sunflowers are nice. #lifethisweek

  4. It's absolutely in the air - that feeling...and I love it too.

  5. The joy is coming through your post! Summer is a wonderful time and I can't wait for more beach days

  6. I love reading your posts like these. So good the excitement and anticipation is palpable! Thank you for linking up for life this week. Next week's optional prompt is 47/51 Do You Celebrate “zero” Birthdays? 25/11/19 Hope to see you there. Denyse


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