Nov 14, 2019

Lovin' Life 14/11/2019: It's the Little Things.

Five fabulous things from the week just gone.  They were 'little' in the grand scheme of things but they made the week that was what it was.  Which was a week of glorious weather that took us that much closer to summer, school holidays and ... the Christmas New Year break.

Lazy Saturday morning breakfasts where you have enough time to lick the dessert spoons that respectively delivered Biscoff spread and Aldi Smooth American Peanut Butter to their slices of fruit toast.  Granted it was while the second load of laundry was cycling but at least I also had excellent takeaway coffee to enjoy after I was done with the spoons.

This view of the Macquarie Lighthouse as the sun rose behind it.

Another play on light with this photo.  Fairy lights and halos before sunrise the other morning while I was out running.

Being surrounded by freshly baked challah as I waited for my coffee order.  What a great way to start the day!

And finally, this eye-catching chair which is part of a pair on display at a local gallery.  I love that bold crimson.  How the chair is upholstered in a conventional way at the seat but the artist went to town with that 3D flower that blooms from the chair's back.  Definitely not a piece that would be at home in my very functional abode but it did get me thinking.  Just what kind of house would would do this chair and its sister justice?


  1. That chair absolutely is a talking piece. I can see it in a gallery styled white room with floor to ceiling glass. Peanut butter on fruit toast....yum!

  2. Those are some great things from your week. Of course my favourites photos are the light related ones - the sunrise and the night lights! xo #TeamLovinLife

  3. That chair is cool!! I love the way you get out and about. You make me feel lazy sometimes...

  4. Love the sunrise photos and who can resist fresh bread and coffee? That crimson chair and its sister are definitely conversation starters. #lovin'lifelinky

  5. That challah looks wonderful! Thanks fo sharing your 5 fabulous things!

  6. That sunrise by the lighthouse is breathtaking!

  7. Oh isn't it always the little things that can bring joy? I think sometimes I forget to appreciate those moments, waiting for big momentous rafts of happiness instead.... which never seem to appear!

  8. A great variety of photos from your week. I especially love the early morning picture.

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