Nov 28, 2019

Lovin' Life 28/11/2019: Gardening Revisited.

I've rediscovered the joy of gardening.

Or at least what I call gardening.

I had a stash of Woolworth's Discovery Garden seed packs that had yet to be opened and watered.  I felt twinges of guilt every time I've walked past them these last few weeks and I finally gave purpose to that guilt over the weekend.

A friend had posted a photo of how lush her repotted seedlings were looking this week and it was just the nudge I needed to give my seeds life.

It is soothing, isn't it?  Doing something with your free time that doesn't involve screens, I mean.

Time passed as I contentedly opened cartons, watered soil packs, potted them and then embedded my seeds.

I hope I haven't left it too late. 

Let's see what grows, shall we?

Not all of my original seedlings survived the last few weeks of negligence but I've repotted those that have.  Remembering that water restrictions are currently being enforced in New South Wales, I'm planning to water the repotted plants with the remains of our water bottles at the end of each day as we enter the house.  Hope it'll be enough water for them.


  1. I lost my original seedlings - I went to Sydney for work and no one watered them. I still have the edible flowers to plant - but will do these when we get back from holidays.

  2. Good luck with your seedlings! YES it sure is lovely to do some activities away from screens and social media! xo #TeamLovinLife

  3. I sooo need to do this, my kids would love it. What did you end up planting/growing?

    Deneale | Goldfields Girl

  4. If you want to come and do some gardening at my place....

    I seem to be okay with my indoor plants but my outdoor gardens are overgrown (also I never go outside to weed, trim or water anything!) and my outdoor pot plants die. (See previous comment about not watering stuff.) Indoor plants get a lot of water from me as I'm always tipping partially-consumed water bottles on them!


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