Nov 7, 2019

Lovin' Life 7/11/2019: Lost and Found.

This week's Lovin' Life is devoted to a miraculous moment.

The one in which I found my work swipe card.  In my car and on the third time I'd inspected the sides of the front seats with my iPhone flashlight.  The discovery brought me feelings of both joy and relief.

Joy because I'd be able to just sail into the work car park on Monday and tap myself rather than having to press the intercom to be manually allowed to enter, creating a snake of waiting colleagues in my wake.  Joy also because I won't have to lurk around key doors at work waiting expectantly for someone else to let ne in with them.  Joy on the part of the rest of my team and anyone else I'm friends with at work because I won't be stalking them at access points or asking to borrow their card so I can get through.  I was only without my pass for that one day and it was enough to send me round the bend.

There's a whole heap of relief being felt at the moment too.  I don't know what it's like at your work but it is quite an ordeal getting a replacement swipe card for us. Your lost card had to reported to security.  Then, you need to search really hard on the work intranet to find the form to fill out online before downloading for the five signatures you need to get from various people spread over multiple floors an buildings.  That's provided you know where they all live....  The final hurdles are to pay your replacement fee at the cashier before trying to catch the office where you get the card while it's open.  That last place opens for four hour stretches on what seems like random picks of three different business days each week.  Yes, it's quite a lot of drama for one little card.

But none of that will be my circus because my card is back, securely attached to my lanyard.

Have you ever lost your work swipe card?  How much drama did replacing it add to your life?


  1. Glad you found your work swipe card and now have more time to enjoy your morning coffee #Lovin'Lifelinky

  2. Oh yes I will never forget the lost swipe card saga. Been there and done that and at my previous workplace the process to get a new one was just as complex! So I understand your joy at finding it SSG! :-) xo #TeamLovinLife

  3. I giggled so hard at reading this. I'm always leaving mine in the Sunshine Coast when I should have taken it to Sydney with me. Generally I realise at that moment when I'm juggling coffees & handbags to find it or if I've gone out of the tenancy to go to the bathroom & now have to stalk the doors to find someone to let me in. Yes, I feel your joy.

  4. Yes!! Well done in finding that card... no more hassles!!

  5. It makes me crazy to lose anything like that! But, not having to replace it is a joy of its own! I'm so glad your story worked out well :)

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