Nov 15, 2019

Suddenly Friday.

How do these weeks just fly by at this time of the year?  One minute I was bracing myself for Monday and now I'm easing into Friday.

The following apparently happened somewhere in between....

A beautiful full moon cast its shimmery reflection across the water as the sun began to rise.

I scored myself a free first thing in the morning coffee.  Sipping that coffee as I head home to begin the morning hustle routine gives me serenity.

As we've hit those golden thirtysomething degree days, chilled watermelon wedges have made a pleasant return to our after-dinner fruit rotation.

Icy poles have been embraced with as much passion as the watermelon.  These healthier ones are nice enough but I'm craving those 100% artificially coloured and flavoured Zooper Doopers.  They take me back to summer holiday swimming lessons with my brothers and how we'd just endlessly snack after those energetic morning swims.

Behold!  A Danish Butter Cookie tin that's full of ... Danish butter cookies!!  Well, mostly full at the time of publication...

I've introduced a new generation to the delights of Danish Butter Cookies. 

They're made in Portugal these days but that buttery biscuit crumb is just as I remember.

The 'curly' biscuits are my favourites and Master SSG seems to agree.  We've had to hit the second layer for them already.  The only thing I'm a bit sad about is that the raisin cookie seems to have been replaced by choc chip.  If I look hard enough, perhaps there might still be a brand that makes that raisin version.

Another Danish delight that's occupying the hearts of SSG Manor 2.0 - Cecelie Copenhagen.  So  summer, so Scandi, so chic.

Be well and wishing you a lovely weekend ahead.


  1. I'm a sucker for those biscuits too. And the chilled watermelon looks divine! x

  2. I have to admit I am just a little bit jealous of you heading into summer with that beautiful watermelon! Now I am hungry!

  3. I'm pretty sure you can still buy the Danish cookies which are made in Denmark. My mother in law sends us home made ones (which taste like the store bought ones) each Christmas.


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