Dec 31, 2019

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: December 2019.

December, the most magical month of the year.  It was also an incredibly busy one for me.  I was equal parts happy and reflective, equal parts stressed and chilled (ok perhaps more of the former than the latter).  Through it all, though, I was just grateful for it all.  The commitments, the juggling, the family time.  

I'm more than ready for a mostly chilled out January to herald the arrival of the new decade. 

  1. The tree is up, the first of the presents have been bought.  I also can’t see the floorboards for all my Christmas related clutter…
  2. Monday night McNuggets. 
    One of life’s best guilty pleasures.
  3. One of those days off that was very much a day fully on.  I’m pooped.
  4. And we’ve made it to the last day of term!  Last day icy poles and all.  It’s a marathon for the parents as much as the children.  I'm exhausted with two more days of the working week still to go.

  5. I never quite got into gear today, come to think of it.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
  6. Friday makes everything better.  Fact.
  7. A birthday party at one of our favourite pools with some of our favourite people. 

    It’s not everyday that I get to watch from the sidelines while others happily (and bravely) keep the little guy and his friends entertained in the water.  I lapped up (boom tish) every minute.
  8. Pool, parties and presents. 
    One of those glorious Christmas Sundays that are stressful to execute but are so treasured when they actually happen.
  9. Bliss.  Just being able to sit for a while and let my keyboard do the talking.
  10. Zooper Doopers as far as the eye can see. 

    I’ve stocked up here on behalf of the kids at school holiday camp.  These are truly revolting weather conditions in New South Wales and I hope we all remain safe and well.
  11. Christmas milk. 
    It’s also a fortnight until Christmas Day.  Panic?  What’s that?
  12. Bingo!  So that’s where I parked my car!  Nothing like an unscheduled stair workout at the end of a hectic day.
  13. “If you can’t be kind, be quiet.  And work with your breath to find that kindness.”  There’s much wisdom in yoga and in its teachers.  Words to live by with special reference to my right now as I find myself opening my mouth a little too quickly.
  14. Take two.  Fingers crossed the charger for my outdoor Christmas lights will catch more sun in its new position in the backyard.
  15. I have absolutely no firm plans for today. 
    It’s my last free Sunday before Christmas and today’s slow pace has been an absolute gift.
  16. We were treated to free coffee at our work carpark today, courtesy of our salary packaging provider. 
    Oh, that went down a treat on the way in to work.
  17. The Christmas Spirit is alive and well.  Even if my holiday prep is dreadfully behind schedule.
  18. This made me stop, appreciate and fill my cup. 

    Before rushing on to the next thing.
  19. Burger day! 
    Gave myself a day off today.  Priceless.
  20. Home.  Mum and dad arrive to stay with us tonight.  It was serendipitous that I heard this Michael Buble and Blake Shelton singing ‘Home’ as a duet.  It is beautiful.  Do listen.  The rapport David Foster and Michael Buble before Blake hits the stage is a hoot as well.
  21. A day of precious family time. 
    How good is it being an aunty?!?!?
  22. With an enviro bag full of potted herbs, anything is possible. My Christmas lunch gravy is done and dusted. 

  23. It wasn’t so bad working today....
  24. Nooo!! 
    It can’t be Christmas Eve already. Here too soon. 
  25. A day of sharing, giving and togetherness.

    What more could I ask?  Merry Christmas!
  26. All about the bargains today.
    Even at the supermarket.  My favourite Cracker Barrel cheese slices were 30% off!!!!!  
  27. That corner where my Christmas tree was looked empty this morning.
    But at least I still have my outdoor lights up. They’re staying ‘til New Years. 
  28. Mmmmmmm. 
    Can you believe I'm already onto the last of my Christmas lunch leftovers? 
  29. Ending the year on a green and healthy note with a vegetable curry that I'm meal prepping for work lunches this coming week. 
    Only one more working day before the New Years break.  Woo hoo!!!!!
  30. More green for you today... in the shape of mojitos!  Mint, lime and rum topped off with ice and soda water - the drink of the summer.  More so than champagne, perhaps.  Did I really type those words????
    Who cares?  I'm out of the office for two whole days!!
  31. Seven years ago..... 

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