Dec 1, 2019

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: November 2019.

November is one of those 'everything but the kitchen sink' kind of months for me.  There's that stunning spring-summer weather but there's also the challenge of juggling work, child and a sudden rush of engagements to fill my usually sparse social diary.  It's also that stepping stone month to glorious December.  Which might explain the first two sentences of this paragraph.

This was my November:

  1. And breathe.  
    Perhaps I shouldn’t overdo it, the bushfire haze is still pretty heavy in Sydney at the moment.  It’s been one of those days…..
  2. My kind of Saturday. 
    A day of getting things done with plenty of time to spare. 
  3. Smash cakes and street fairs are what Sundays are all about.
  4. Clean, clear skies today and happy farmers.  Thank goodness for all this rain.
  5. Opting out of Cup Day again for a variety of reasons.  But can I still have a cheeky glass of lunchtime bubbles?  A rhetorical question if ever there was one.
  6. That moment when you get one full week of school holiday care locked in with activities your child will actually enjoy.  The joys of working mum life.
  7. Lucas’ Papaw balm as emergency mascara? 
    Nup.  Doesn’t work.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I suppose.
  8. An efficient, run on time Friday?  They do exist.  I had one today and it was glorious!!
  9. Your bed made with sheets straight off the line, a great novel and the fact that tomorrow is Sunday.  Hello, perfect Saturday night.
  10. And Santa photos at the QVB are done for twenty nineteen. 
    I was even in this year’s photo as well!  So much fun, I reckon I’ll be making a family shot a tradition to be upheld in years to come.
  11. We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders Field.
  12. Far, far away from the devastation of the bush fires.  I did something today.  Beyond sending thoughts and prayers.  Beyond explaining bush fire-related deaths as a function of which party the deceased might have voted for.  Remind me again how and why we, the Australian public voted for these people?  
  13. After decades of being Team Morning Fresh, I’ve strayed and bought Fairy instead.  This is what rebellion looks like when you’re forty-something.
  14. I discovered Richard Murden Reserve and the Hawthorne Canal in Leichhardt today. Another gem of the Inner West.
  15. Look at me!  Out for Friday night drinks. 
    But first, a cheese and fruit platter … accompanied by a mug of tea.
  16. Pick and mix tomatoes and herbs. 
    Brilliant idea, Coles!
  17. I can't put this book down and I’ve been finding ways to sneak in a few more pages as I potter around the house all day as well.
  18. Manageable Monday.  I quite like the sound and feel of them, actually.
  19. I made friends with a lady at the shops today. 
    We were both trying on the same dress.  Which we both walked out of the store with.
  20. Sometimes all you need is a listening ear.  It felt good being that friendly listener today.
  21. Yes!!!!! 
    It’s DIY iced lattes using ice from the heavy duty work ice machine weather again!!!!!
  22. Grateful for tonight’s storm and the much-needed rain it has finally brought to Sydney.
  23. A busy start then a restful afternoon in getting things done. 
    Saturdays like this will be few and far between once the festive season officially begins.
  24. I did it! 
    Made it to my GP for my routine check-up.  In lieu of a pat on the back, I took myself to coffee afterwards to celebrate.
  25. For the 50 women who have died in Australia this year through domestic violence.  
  26. ELC Graduation happened today. 
    Tears for mum and a school tie for Master SSG.
  27. I don't ever want to rise from this yoga mat.  Ever.
  28. Marimekko x Uniqlo.  Yes, please!!!!
  29. Black Friday, I am powerless to resist your bargains.
  30. It's time to party and frost cupcakes at 7am on a Saturday....
That's November done and dusted.  Exhausting and challenging but also memorable.  

Definitely, a month well lived.

Over to you, December.

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  1. And a mighty fine November that looked to be. I've heard good things about The Wife and The Widow - I really must add it to my list. I avoided all the Black Friday sales - I figured things wouldn't be delivered before we went on holidays. Then I unsubscribed from everything so my inbox wouldn't fill up. Wishing you a great December.


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