Dec 30, 2019


We're on the cusp of a new decade.

I'm also on the cusp of a glorious two days off in the middle of the week, in summer to see in the new year and decade.

It is, therefore, not a time for a deep post about the year just gone.

Instead, may I present my #Bestof2019 ?   A montage of the sixteen (because I loved the year too much to narrow it down to nine) best-received photos of the 1283 you all so patiently put up with from me this year.

  1. Finishing the Sydney City 2 Surf.
  2. Homemade birthday cake.  By me for me.
  3. Flying home from Paris, 1A all the way.  It still feels like it was only yesterday.  
  4. Finishing the Bridge Run.
  5. The day my tickets for Paris came through.  A ray of light in the midst of some draining times.
  6. Christmas decorations in Boston.  My first visit to this beautiful city and I hope it will not be the last.
  7. On the way to a night out on the town with my oldest and dearest friends.
  8. Looking out onto the gardens of Versailles.
  9. Something homemade and more tasty than it looks.  Story of my home cooking life, really.
  10. Celebrating a successful shopping expedition in Paris.  
  11. Vale Bob Hawke.  Your legacy for the people of Australia in the form of Medicare lives on.  
  12. The first day of Year One.  I'm grateful that I have enough work-life balance that I can be present on days like this.
  13. One of my favourite views across the Swan River.
  14. First-class loos.  Just because.
  15. Celebrating the end of Year One and life at The Early Learning Centre.  In a dress I sensibly hired for the day.  
  16. Big Little Lies on the plane.  Watching made me feel an almost teenaged rush of adoration for its cast and producers.  Their portrayal of the stories of women like me and possibly you.  That our issues and life situations have both a voice and an audience.  
Have you jumped on the Top 9/16/25 train this year?  What does yours look like?

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  1. Happy New Year! I love your eclectic photos and hear hear for Medicare.


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