Dec 16, 2019

Life This Week 16/12/2019: Share Your Snaps.

The Christmas break is so, so close I can taste it.  Things are starting to wind down, my mind is finally turning to what I'll be doing for Christmas lunch and the following photos will probably be the last non-holiday photos I'll be taking for a bit.

I am.  Hard.  I found this abandoned highchair on a footpath near school.  So many questions.  Perhaps the occupant of the chair could read and upside down at that.  Perhaps the person feeding the chair's occupant needed a reminder to think (and breathe) through a feeding-related toddler tantrum...  So yes, abandoned highchair, I did think!!

This Masterfoods Thai Green Curry meal base is sold out at all the Woolies near me for good reason.  It creates a pretty impressive meal with minimal effort.  The flavour is authentic with minimal effort.  It's also not too sweet.  Go all out and add grated ginger, lemongrass paste and some fresh lime leaves if you're feeling fancy.  'Frazzled Wednesday Night Me' was so grateful to 'Day Off Tuesday Me' for making this.

School holiday camp has been a lifesaver for me.  Master SSG has had so much fun and made new friends in the year groups above and below him.  There was craft (I helped by crawling on the carpet to look for the 'black ones') and a colour run (I helped by applying spendy adult shampoo and conditioner to this bright red scalp).

I'm especially grateful at the moment for days when there's any visibility in Sydney.  Something I took for granted before this particularly vicious bushfire season.

My last logbook entry for 2019.  Where did this year go, she asks yet again.

I've still got it.  Transformed this Transformer.  Without reading the instructions.  

Do you remember back in the day how Transformers were made mostly of sturdy metal?  They're now mostly flimsy plastic... so they kind of fall apart as they're being transformed.  They don't make them like they used to.  There, I've said it.
A beach ball at the pool.  This time of the year is as much about stopping to enjoy the simple things as it is the lavish gifting and treating.  Perhaps more of the former, if truth be told, as you get older.

Lastly, lamb cutlets, mint jelly (the Masterfoods kind, accept no imitations or that syrupy dark green stuff), mash and green beans.  How good is a dinner like this on a Friday night in December ahead of that one weekend of the month where you have NOTHING PLANNED?


  1. Where DID this year go? It sped by so fast I feel like my birthday in March was just a couple of weeks ago. INSANE. I've been keeping up with you all on Instagram more this year, but I look forward to getting back onto the blog more often. x

  2. love this... was thinking... maybe the high chair is a warning to young people?.. think!!!! before you have unprotected sex!?! Just a thought!

  3. This year did go by so fast and I am totally with you, they don't make things like they used to! I have been cherishing the days with relatively clean air and visibility, I love looking up at the sky and being able to see clouds again, I was really starting to miss them! As for weekends with nothing planned, they're my favourite!

  4. Hee Hee. Quick giggle at Kerri's comment. I had a similar thought. :)

  5. Yes, our son had transformers (and every boy toy back in the 1980s and they were sturdy!). Sigh. Those cutlets looked awesome. And "who" does that to a high chair?? Thank you for linking up for this 2nd last #lifethisweek 2019. Next week is the last link up for 2019. 51/51 Christmas/Holidays: Prompt Optional 23/12/19. Back in the business of blogging and link ups on Jan 6 2020. See you then...or thereabouts! Denyse.


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