Dec 9, 2019

Life This Week 9/12/2019: Taking Stock.

It's the second week of December, Christmas is a fortnight away.  I sound very battle weary in this week's 'Taking Stock' because of both these facts.  It's been a very therapeutic post to write though and I feel the better for completing that last prompt.

Making: space in my wardrobe for all the new dresses I've 'collected' in recent weeks.

Cooking : dumplings for school lunches.  Yes, it's a thing.

Drinking : 'hot' warm water from my insulated, stainless steel Tiger flask.

The Year that Changed Everything - Cathy Kelly
via The Book Depositary

Reading: Cathy Kelly again.  I'm finding the suburban lives the women of her novels lead comforting and familiar.

Trawling: through my favourite recipes for the ones for Christmas.

Wanting: a bit of a break.  Nothing flash.  Just a pre-Christmas day off.  I might just make it happen.

Looking: tired.  It's been a week of extreme time management as I've tried my best to be at two places at once.  

Deciding: that Francois Nars is The Guru when it comes to giving life to a sleep-deprived visage.  

Wishing: my Christmas present buying mojo would just come alive already.  I'm running out of time.

Enjoying: yoga in the glow of my Christmas tree lights.

Waiting: for the air to clear.  Literally.

Liking: lamb cutlets and greens as a simple dinner.  Even more so when said lamb cutlets were half price.

Wondering: if I put the solar-powered power source for my outdoor Christmas lights in the best post to gain maximum sun exposure this morning.  I'm also excited to see if I did get it right this time.  Update: they work!!!  I just had to switch the power source on as well as making sure it was in direct exposure to the sun.  I'm obsessed.  I wonder how many more strings of lights my tiny front garden can handle.  Solar-powered reindeer lights, anyone?

Loving: that festive feeling in the air.

Pondering: the need for shop security tagging on sliced cold cuts from the deli....

Listening: to the comforting whir of the air-conditioning as I sit inside, safe from the heat and the air pollution.

Considering: what the going rate is with The Tooth Fairy these days.  It was a first wobbly tooth too and there were no tears when it finally fell out. $5?  Sound fair?

Buying: lollies, toys and Christmas bibs and bobs.  I'm spacing out my gift buying this year and keeping my sanity in the process.

Watching: my Cash Back balance grow and feeling better about all that shopping I've been doing recently.

Hoping: for a  self-indulgent sleep in tomorrow morning.

Marvelling: that the light rail on George Street is finally live!  It's been a long process for everyone in Sydney.  It's definitely an exciting new feature of the city that will redefine the landscape and, I hope, make George Street even more appealing as a pedestrian.

Cringing: as I feel that mysterious creak return to my right knee.

Needing: bright light to read any fine print these days.  And my glasses.

Questioning: nothing.  I'm writing this on a Friday evening and am actively powering down the asking section of my mind.

Smelling: this week's coconut, apricot and banana baked oats baking in the oven.

Wearing:  heels and walking in them.  Then admitting defeat, taking them off and enjoying the simple pleasure of walking the footpaths in my bare feet.

Noticing: postage for a standard letter rises to $1.10 next year.  

Knowing: that a mug of tea and an early night with my Kindle will be much better for me than a glass of wine.

Thinking: that it would be wise to do what  I know will work best.

Admiring: the Christmas decorations that have started to go up around work this week.  There are some incredibly creative constructions made from everyday and recycled items.

Getting: weekend-ready as I sit here typing and sipping my mug of tea.

Bookmarking: travel stuff for next year!  The planning always perks me up when I'm a bit weary.

Opening: my wall calendar for 2020 and entering term dates and holidays.

Closing: some Word docs.  I'm ahead of myself at the moment.  I hope this means next week will be nothing but efficient on the strength of the preparation I've just completed.

Feeling: the jiggly seasonal cheer as I chase Santa's Belly around the bathtub.....

Hearing: the 'message sent' whoosh on my laptop.  Ahh, work, my good friend.  You're never far away.

Celebrating: the festival of seven!!!  Happy, Happy Birthday, Master SSG!

Pretending: I'm not tired.  Which is silly because it's only going to catch up with me at the worst possible time.

Embracing: my personal progress with yoga.  Learning the power of my breath and the power of my mind both in practice and in life beyond the mat.


  1. Happy Birthday to your boy! Lots of reasons to be happy in this post with the exclusion of the air pollution of course. Never have I been so glad for air conditioning! The metro looks great, doesn't it? I think it will really add value to the city and that all the mess, noise and upheaval that it involved will be forgotten!

  2. That's a very serious work place decorating - nice!! I too am looking tired - must be the in season look this year. I also snapped up some of those Marimeko Uniqlo dresses! Have a great holiday when it comes!

  3. Wow, a lot happening at your end! Birthdays and Christmas prep. I'm impressed by the dumplings for lunch at school. Waaaay better than Saos with vegemite. #justsayin

    I have barely any xmas shopping to do but haven't started so need my mojo as well. And though I only work part-time I've been fantasising ridiculously about a getaway somewhere. Where I feel I don't have to do any work (or blogging etc).

  4. I always feel better when I stop to take stock of what is going on in my life too. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. I can't help but be a little jealous of your summertime need for cooling. We are just beginning a dark, dreary winter day.

  5. I found your post upbeat and not too battle weary at all! I'm so glad you found it a therapeutic post to write and that you shared your thoughts so honestly! Not long to go now :) #lifethisweek

  6. There is not a teacher or school student who is not tired..and at least yours has stopped school. It's a horrid time of year and whilst the heat has not been so bad, the fact that the smoke has had all schools keep kids inside is not helpful to energy release. I love you have the cutlets when they are a bargain too. They are my comfort meat!! Thanks for linking up for the almost last Life This Week in 2019...not even the penultimate though...Here's next week's optional prompt 50/51 Share Your Snaps #10 16/12/19 Hope to see you there. Denyse.


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