Dec 12, 2019

Lovin' Life 12/12/2019: Five Things.

Things I've loved about the last week:

Finding my favourite Danish Butter Cookie tins back on the shelves at Woolies, albeit only for days before they sold out again.

Kicking back with a coffee on a Saturday morning as the sounds of the tantrums of other people's toddlers gently jostled the airwaves around me.  I had a detached, 'fond memories' look on my face... as I gave that piece of sourdough a double layer of butter and freed the 'good bits' of bacon from the 'hurts my wobbly tooth, mumma' bits.....

New hair, don't care.  It was bliss sitting quietly for several hours as I got my scalp massaged while my hair fed various nutrients only to emerge several hours later with summer-ready, nearly blonde locks.

Getting to Target the moment it opened and enjoying the wide-open space of a nearly empty store.

As an added bonus, I left Target with only the items I had on my shopping list.  A white themed outfit for Master SSG's Kids Colour Run that's on today.

I dug deep and left Bluey behind.  She's on my Christmas wish list, not Master SSG's.  Perhaps I could 'just in case' buy one for him?

Perhaps it's because of how bad the air is these days or perhaps it's just because I'm overdue for a month of 'offseason' / lower K weeks but I've really enjoyed my shorter distance runs this week.  My pace is better, I'm less distracted as I run and I'm actually applying the instructions given in my Apptiv audio guides as I trot around the neighbourhood.

What are the things that have made your week recently?


  1. Yay for new hair. No pics? (Even of the back with nothing identifiable?)

    I'd actually intended to go shopping at 8am this morning but ended up doing a bit of work stuff and now it's 10.30 and there's no way I'm braving the crowds at this time.

  2. Those are all great things to highlight for your week SSG! Mine would be that I finally did my Baby Kitten Fostering Workshop today so am now eligible to foster for the RSPCA. Also tomorrow I go to visit my niece and her newborn baby so I'll get some baby cuddles and I can't wait! xoxo #TeamLovinLife

  3. Danish Butter Cookies are my favorite! My mom and Grandmother used the tins for storing their sewing supplies (i.e. needles, buttons, and loose thread).

  4. I love an empty Target or Kmart! So much easier to get around and get things done.


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