Dec 17, 2019

Pre-Christmas Procrastination.

 It's definitely the silly season.

I understand completely about the doughnuts, fellow Saturday morning just before Christmas shopper.  Only I wouldn't have left as many doughnuts behind...

There's so much to be done both at work and in the Christmas lunch prep stakes at this stage of December but sometimes you just have to listen to your heart.  If it wants doughnuts, so be it.  If it prefers to spend hours untangling solar LED lights and getting them just so along the side bit of the garden then again, listen to your heart.

By the way, KMart's range are cheap, cheerful and get the job done.  My lights twinkle the moment the sun sets right up until around 5am.

I've elevated pre-Christmas procrastination to an art form.

Did you know you can clean the tarnish off your silver jewellery by placing it in a foil-lined (shiny side up) bowl, pouring boiling water over the top and then getting your fizz on with tablespoonfuls of bicarb?  Repeat as often as necessary.

I've made full use of Amazon Prime to help me get jobs done around the house.

 This nifty water bottle cleaner really gets into all the nooks and crannies of your average water vessel.  The long, thin fuzzy brush is perfect for cleaning out those straw attachments you wonder about (in terms of their bacterial concentration status).

Prime has also helped me in the garden.

This nifty collapsible tent holds all the leaves and bark I sweep from the front courtyard,  It has side handles which can then be used to carry the entire, surprisingly lightweight contraption to the recycling bin for emptying.  

You can't truly pre-Christmas procrastinate in Sydney without getting in on the Light Rail action in the CBD.

It was fun riding down the middle of George Street and I do like the new look the stations and the trains give the CBD too.

I just hope everyone stays safe.  Phone and Airpod pedestrians, impatient drivers, couriers on bikes on strict deadlines....

You can't be in the city without taking the opportunity to snack on things you can't get back home in suburbia.

All my favourite were looking as delicious as ever at Bread Top.

Master SSG's Chocolate Horn was filled with the most delicious chocolate custard.

For old times sake, we stopped by the cafe at The Hilton for coffee and juice.

The Hilton has a special place in my heart.  It was my place to waddle in that last trimester when I needed both an orange juice and the bathroom any time I found myself in the CBD.  Preschooler SSG and I also had many an afternoon tea there with buttered banana bread (okay, it was mostly the butter) was our favourite snack to share.  This latest visit brought back so many memories and will you look at that!!  We're both handling our glassware carefully.

Time is marching on elsewhere too.  And I'm not just talking about this pair of penny farthings.  We picked up Master SSG's first proper bike today.

Bringing it home on public transport was not my best idea but the kindness of strangers did much to ease the tension.

We've also completed our first YouTube inspired 'ride' as well.

Another game of Monopoly Silver has been played.  I don't know how different it is to the original except that there's an awful lot of silver accenting going on with the packaging and the board.

THE VICARAGE MURDER an addictive crime mystery full of twists (Monica Noble Detective Book 1) by [MARTIN, FAITH]

And I have an evening planned with Monica Noble, the heroine detective of Faith Martin's latest series.  So excited to have found a new crime series to binge read over the holiday season.

Phew.  That's an awful lot of procrastination. 

There's nothing else to do but get stuck into Christmas Stuff, I guess.

How are you going with your Christmas journey?  Like me or done with a week to spare?

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  1. I'm almost done with Christmas shopping. I have two or three things to grab and then I'm ready...


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