Dec 21, 2019

That Christmas Feeling.

That Christmas feeling has crept up on me in the most unexpected ways and in the most unlikely moments.  Long-time readers of the blog will know that Christmas is my holiday.  I embrace the kitsch and the kitchen with passion each year.  I love the gifting and I love the 'homely' angle when it comes to decorations and the culinary treats of Christmas lunch.

It's been a more subdued transition to my best Christmas self this year.  Put simply, and predictably, I found myself just feeling drained that first week of December.  It's been a big year and while it's all been 'good big', it's been more exhausting than it felt at the time.

I feel like I've basically parented,

travelled (oh, the travel...)

and worked my way through the year. 

How could I forget?  The running.  There was an awful lot of it this year as well.

And here we are.  The last week before Christmas. 

And finally.  I can feel it.  The Christmas Spirit.  Spritzed generously in the air around me, it's seeped through my pores, entered my bloodstream and reached those somewhat fatigued synapses of my neurons.

Our standing order at Betty's Burgers.

That symbolic relieving of the loads of work and school celebrated by lunch at our favourite burger restaurant.  Didn't hurt that lunch took place on a day off I gave myself.

Feeling the magic as I lie tucked up in bed ahead of a most leisurely Christmas week looking out my bedroom window and seeing my Christmas lights flicker in the darkness.  

Being inspired by beautiful cards containing happy, almost miraculous, work-related news.

Receiving heartfelt gifts wrapped in packaging that I find irresistible.

Making a 'Welcome to Sydney' wok of Hokkien noodles for us to share with my parents the night they fly in to stay with us.

Peering through the gate of one of my favourite seasonally decorated houses of the neighbourhood.  Yes, while running.  Yes, I know you didn't ask.

Breakfasting like a champion ahead of a Christmas lunch power shop.

Having pre-Christmas lunch with some of my favourite little people.  And remembering how a present received just has to be unwrapped with feeling the moment it is received.

Lazy afternoons doing that brand of 'not much at all' which will later become the stuff of treasured memories.

A good cheeseboard.  No explanation or justification necessary.

Getting started on the Christmas baking and making.

Braving Westfield the Saturday before Christmas and being rewarded by finding just the perfect final gift to add to Master SSG's collection under the tree.

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I find that Christmas feeling is just the quiet moments with those we love and you've captured that well here! :) I take leave over Christmas so we can really relax and get into it - it's such a special time of year! Have a merry Christmas SSG!

  2. You've got all the right ingredients for a wonderful time. Merry Christmas to you and yours, SSG! #lifethisweek

  3. I love Christmas SSG and I think I always will. Of course, it is much more special as I have my little grandchildren who still believe in Santa and are getting very excited for his arrival. Have a wonderful Festive Season and a fabulous 2020 - A New Year and a New Decade! x

  4. What a lovely post to read! I'm glad that Christmas Spirit broke through your fatigue and got you! You've had a pretty good year SSG even if exhausting. Merry Christmas to you and all the very best for another fantastic year ahead in 2020. xoxo

  5. How lovely to reflect on your year and all that's happened. I'm not a huge Xmas fan but glad you're starting to get into the mood! xx

  6. I love a good Christmas situation too although I have been throughly remiss and not made a gingerbread house this year! Hope you have happy holidays and that 2020 is full of good runs, good health and good times! See you on the other side!

  7. Hope you have a great time SSG! it's been such a joy reading your posts this year :) #lifethisweek

  8. From what I read and recall, you have had a larger workload of days in 2019 AND you are now adjusting to a young man going "up" to the more formal part of school. That's quite a bit on you!!

    I do love your posts and journeys around Sydney (and the world) and it's a delight to see and read your updates.

    Thank you for being a "loyal linker" for Life This Week in 2019 and I look forward to sharing more stories and reading yours in 2020. Happy nearly New Year. See you on Monday 6 January 2020 for the first link up if you choose... 1/51 Word/Intention for 2020 6.1.2020. Denyse.


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