Dec 5, 2019

The QVB, The Galeries and Circulay Quay. Revisited for Christmas.

My favourite intersection on George Street is where The Galeries gazes across to Town Hall.

My favourite time of day to look up at Town Hall from George Street is in the evening.  Especially at this time of the year.

The clouds and the haze set that sandstone off to golden perfection. I've read somewhere (the internet) that the architecture was inspired by the French Second Empire Hotel de Ville in Paris.  Oh Paris, you're never far from my mind these days, are you?

From the steps of Town Hall you can gaze out onto the new light rail (which should be live soon) before turning your head to the right to catch skyscrapers glistening through the haze.  I like that contrast of the golden sandstone behind me and the shimmer of glass and steel in front of me.

Books Kinokuniya is my favourite place above ground at The Galeries.  Getting lost in the world of each richly stocked aisle is a rare treat for me these days.  It's not just the range of books that makes me linger, it's everything else they've branched into as well.  There's the famed Japanese stationery section as well as the everchanging contents of the display cabinets.

This week, there was a display devoted to Japanese embroidery complete with handwritten information cards and needlework I presume were contributed by staff members.

The subterranean food court at The Galeries is my favourite food court in the entire CBD.

There's always somewhere to sit (and escape the world if you please) and the mix of retail and food is pitch perfect for me.

Boon Table is a deliciously Vietnamese / Pan-Asian take on the whole food thing.

This is my tofu bowl on a half and half bed of brown rice and noodles.  An 11/10, order on repeat kind of lunch in my book.

Walking onwards with a full tummy to another of my favourite places - Circular Quay.  This giant Christmas bauble on the promenade is designed to be touched, walked through, used as a mirror and yes.. posted to social media.

Behold the suitably chic tree at the Sofitel.

Behold, also, the suitably cute Sofitel kangaroo which was a birthday dinner gift for Master SSG.

The Sofitel Darling Harbour is the one hotel in the CBD that seems to consistently go above and beyond when it comes to hosting their junior guests.  Well played, Team Sofitel.

We were back at Town Hall on Monday night for speech night.

May I just state the obvious?  Seven-year-old boys and the CBD have a certain chemistry.  The majestic steps of Town Hall become a historic piece of play equipment as they climb, weave across and jump from them.  Footpaths full of commuters (glued to their phones and oblivious to their squeals due to the secure fit of their AirPods) are cones to be run around in a complex running drill known only to the runners involved.  

But we somehow managed to keep them all in one piece until we were allowed to enter that breathtaking space with its spectacular organ and co-ordinating floral arrangements.

Perspective is a wonderful thing.  I didn't squirm once throughout Speech Night.  I sang the national anthem and the familiar hymns, I listened attentively to the speeches, was informed by the various reports on school life and I was inspired by the reflections of the guest speaker - the very parts that sent me fidgetting as a student.  Just as well, really, because I have around a dozen more to attend in my lifetime!

One thing hasn't changed about Speech Nights for me and that is my love of a fast-food second dinner afterwards. 

McNuggets for the win!

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