Jan 29, 2020

Here's To Perth!

And just like that, we're back to our regular programming.

School has begun for the year, a tooth has been lost, I figured out how to attach my car line sign to my car
The first week back at school. A tableau.

and through it all Sydney's infamous hot humidity has been a faithful companion.  Thank goodness for fans and cooling yoga poses.....

Perth was lovely, 

as was flying to Perth.

 I took the scenic route through Melbourne.  Just because. 

The last of mum's midnight flowers bloomed just for me, that first night I was back.

I stocked up on all the essentials at our local Asian grocer

but had no room for a jar of pineapple sunshine cookies in my luggage.

I went running and didn't forget to stretch afterwards.  It didn't hurt that there was always a shady bit of grass not too far away on which to work those tight lower limbs of mine.

Fremantle was a gracious host offering both architecture and that boho-aquatic energy to a beautiful Thursday afternoon.

Of course we had to have fish and chips (and chowder) at Cicerello's.

 And a ride on the Ferris Wheel that took us high above the Norfolk pines.

Things got a bit glam at The Ritz,

the decor throughout the hotel is inspired by the natural and diverse beauty of Western Australia with many materials used in the build sourced locally.

These will have to go down in the history book as the prettiest crudites I've ever been presented with.  You can find them at the hotel's lounge, Songbird.

We celebrated the Lunar New Year at my Aunty and Uncle's place.

My uncle loves decorating to theme.

We shared a Yee Sang / Prosperity salad (everyone needs to give it a stir with their chopsticks for good luck) and steam boat afterwards.

I manned the teppanyaki plate while the steamboat simmered away.

Perth was full of the unexpected too.  My standing Saturday afternoon date with the elliptical machine took place at a gym that overlooked the tennis courts of the Kings Park Tennis Club.

Carousel is a place I remember as shopping centre attached to a cinema.  It's now become a destination for food and a bit of sun and live music.

The sushi train inside features both a conventional 'train' and a shinkansen that glides on top of it, delivering items ordered off the menu.

Items like this salmon sushi taco which was every bit as good as it looks.

I'm grateful for the family and friends time, adventures and good food that this trip home gave me.

It's never enough time but I count myself lucky that I do get home as often as I do.

Here's to Perth!

Hip, hip hooray!

Jan 20, 2020

Out Of Office and Into Nature.

The out of office email is live.

And I've taken it to the great outdoors.

If you go past the tennis courts up the road and to the right a bit, you'll find yourself on a steep road that borders a surprisingly raw bit of the suburb.  Here, trees are left to branch, arch and shed their leaves.  The undergrowth is also left to its own devices - stray branches and leaves find themselves a spot for a lie down in between unruly shrubs.

If you look out to the right you will find treetops, more of those liberated branches and a glimpse of civilization in the form of the local Westfield and its associated high rises.

Long-time readers will know that I'm a city girl through and through.  I live for convenience, the efficiency of travelators and public transport (interesting choice of things to strongly associate with city life but here you have it), that all hours accessibility to things or the chance to order things.

But even the most hard-boiled urbanite needs nature.  To touch, feel, hear and be part of it.

I'm looking forward to continuing work on my screen time this week.

I'm down 31% already!  

Such is the power of loom knitting.  I've moved on from round looms this week and am enjoying the unique challenges of the rectangular version.  I've found the rhythm of looping and hooking and am looking forward to a whole new wardrobe of scarves and beanies this winter.  To pom pom and fringe or not is the next question.

I have reading to catch up on, I have a whole list of little jobs to get done for mum and dad, I have family and dear friends to spend this time with.

See you in a bit.

Jan 17, 2020

So Then She Learned to Knit....

This is what happens when mummy gets herself a new hobby...

your stuffed toys get hand-knitted scarves (in the height of summer) and she makes your stuffed toys dodgy looking new friends.

Image result for peashooter pvz
via google images

That's a peashooter from the Plants versus Zombies game in case you were wondering.

How did this all begin?

At Daiso one grey Sunday, of course.

My favourite Daiso store in Sydney is the one in the basement of Regent Place on George Street, the Chinatown end.  Regent Place itself is an endlessly fascinating maze of Asian stores that transport you to the malls of South East Asia the moment you step in off the footpath.

Signage for a store selling drinks too sweet and rich for an old-timer like me to drink without serious implications on my blood sugar levels and digestive tract.

Apparently, the youth of Sydney are made of sterner stuff than I.  There's a special queuing system installed outside the store for peak hour.

Before you even get to Daiso, expect to find your taste buds tempted by the activity beyond the windows of Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake Store's in-house bakery.

Those famous cheesecake tarts being made by hand.

Something new since my last visit is their range of filled crepes.

They are sold via a counter towards the back of the store.

Further inside is this wall of vending machines

selling all manner of things for the price of a token ($5 if I remember correctly) and the willingness to take a chance.

Lots of kitsch posters and signage almost pop out at you as you make your progress towards D Land.

Once you get to Daiso, that feeling of 'how could I live without xxx in my life' hits you like that rush of sugar you'd get from eating any one of the desserts on sale in the stalls that surround the store.

Sticky notes featuring life-like images of gyoza and biscuits?  Perfect for writing yourself a reminder to follow up on whatever you might choose to attach your gyoza sticky note to.

Row upon row of cute adornments for bento box type lunches remind me of how far I've fallen in only two short years as a school mum.   We now lunch order every day of the school year that we're technically allowed to....

I love how every facet of urban life has a gadget designed to make it more functional at Daiso.  Admittedly, stiletto heel protectors are for a life far removed from mine but the more ... okay ... boring amongst us can never have too many ergonomic reusable bread bag clips and vitamin supplement travel cases.

This particular Daiso also features an impressive supermarket to one side.

How green is this aisle devoted to matcha flavoured sweets?

Thoughtful handwritten and laminated messages inform customers of any major stock relocations.  In this case, shoppers, the Pocky have been separated from the imported Kit Kat and now reside closer to the cosmetics.  Side note - I did indeed get myself a large bag (or two) of Kit Kat to bring over to Perth next week.

This is the $2.80 Knitting Nancy that started it all off for me.

Emboldened by my success in dressing a stuffed toy in a scarf and creating a best friend from him from scratch, I ventured to Spotlight to get myself some adult-sized knitting looms.

This kit cost around $20 and includes a tool to use with the loom and a plastic wool needle.

I learnt very quickly from YouTube - LoomaHat.com and Wambui Made It are two of my favourites right now.  They are both patient and informative teachers.

And will you look at that!!  I made my first brimmed beanie this week.

Image result for instructable infinity scarf
via Instructables

Currently, I'm making this infinity scarf by jessratfink on the Instructables site.  The instructions are all delivered via text and still photos if this suits you better than video tutorials.

I'll be right back.  Sometime in between knitting projects.

Be good.


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