Jan 29, 2020

Here's To Perth!

And just like that, we're back to our regular programming.

School has begun for the year, a tooth has been lost, I figured out how to attach my car line sign to my car
The first week back at school. A tableau.

and through it all Sydney's infamous hot humidity has been a faithful companion.  Thank goodness for fans and cooling yoga poses.....

Perth was lovely, 

as was flying to Perth.

 I took the scenic route through Melbourne.  Just because. 

The last of mum's midnight flowers bloomed just for me, that first night I was back.

I stocked up on all the essentials at our local Asian grocer

but had no room for a jar of pineapple sunshine cookies in my luggage.

I went running and didn't forget to stretch afterwards.  It didn't hurt that there was always a shady bit of grass not too far away on which to work those tight lower limbs of mine.

Fremantle was a gracious host offering both architecture and that boho-aquatic energy to a beautiful Thursday afternoon.

Of course we had to have fish and chips (and chowder) at Cicerello's.

 And a ride on the Ferris Wheel that took us high above the Norfolk pines.

Things got a bit glam at The Ritz,

the decor throughout the hotel is inspired by the natural and diverse beauty of Western Australia with many materials used in the build sourced locally.

These will have to go down in the history book as the prettiest crudites I've ever been presented with.  You can find them at the hotel's lounge, Songbird.

We celebrated the Lunar New Year at my Aunty and Uncle's place.

My uncle loves decorating to theme.

We shared a Yee Sang / Prosperity salad (everyone needs to give it a stir with their chopsticks for good luck) and steam boat afterwards.

I manned the teppanyaki plate while the steamboat simmered away.

Perth was full of the unexpected too.  My standing Saturday afternoon date with the elliptical machine took place at a gym that overlooked the tennis courts of the Kings Park Tennis Club.

Carousel is a place I remember as shopping centre attached to a cinema.  It's now become a destination for food and a bit of sun and live music.

The sushi train inside features both a conventional 'train' and a shinkansen that glides on top of it, delivering items ordered off the menu.

Items like this salmon sushi taco which was every bit as good as it looks.

I'm grateful for the family and friends time, adventures and good food that this trip home gave me.

It's never enough time but I count myself lucky that I do get home as often as I do.

Here's to Perth!

Hip, hip hooray!

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