Jan 11, 2020

It Was A 'Hmm?" Kind of Week. Weekend Reflections.

Bette Midler in 'The First Wives Club' preparing to belt out 'You Don't Own Me' with Goldie Hawn and Diane Keating.  Just what I needed on my Facebook videos Friday night.

Yes, Bette.  I totally agree.  'Hmm?' is probably the best way to describe the week just gone.  For many, it was the first proper week back at work after the Christmas New Year break, for others of us it was just hard going.

There was definitely something in the Aperol Spritz water.

Thursday evening felt like fancy drinks and toasties for dinner Friday evening instead.  Then Friday came and went and here we are.

It's the weekend and last week is just ... water under the aquaplane?

There was a ribbon of rose gold through the water this morning.  A bit of magic that worked its way into an otherwise grey Saturday morning.

Do you ever take to standing in the aisles of an unsuspecting organic grocer in search of enlightenment?

I do.  There's something about those neat rows of earnestly coloured and packaged foods that make me think thoughts about being a better person, a more responsible global citizen, a person who is ready to give up her zip lock bags and catering sized rolls of food wrap for beeswax wrappers and other fabric-based food covering solutions.

Something got lost in translation because this how I ended up spending the afternoon.  Attacking my wisteria with feeling.  It was very cathartic.  There was lots of green, at least.  I also used my muscles instead of fossil fuels.  Oh, and the clippings went to the recycling.  So yes, I guess my moment in front of the organic canned foods this morning did set my day in a positive direction.

To celebrate tackling the back garden, I've lunched on my favourite salad and sipped on my new favourite rose.  While also admiring my new summer perfume.  I love it because it reminds me of holidays, travels, adventures and the creation of new memories.  In a departure for me, it's also decidedly unfloral.  It's a new year and a new decade,  the perfect excuses for trying something different.  May D'orange Verte imbue the year with all that I associate it with!

Also present at lunch was a new find from Priceline on George Street.  I had no idea Priceline stocked so many niche skincare brands!  Nip and Fab is an affordable UK based skincare range with a cult following around the world.  The products that caught my attention are these glycolic acid soaked pads to be used each day after cleansing.  I remember Dr Dennis Gross's OG version fondly.  They were a two-step deal (FYI - The Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel now retails for $135 AUD for 30 treatments)  Very effective but also very pricy.  I got my screw-top jar of 60 pads on sale (used twice daily) for $25 (usual RRP $32).  I will definitely report back.

The 6 step Aus Medic Co. range also caught my eye.  Here's a review if you're curious.  It's pretty pricy but I did like the feel of product #3, the Intensive Peptide Face Lift Serum ... it's $94.99 AUD worth of intensive lift though.  I know I'm the one to talk about the price but there was a time, long, long ago when Priceline was the place to access the latest and greatest in hair and beauty on a budget.

Still, it was fun and informative to be able to roam the aisles of Priceline like I used to aeons ago.   I'm very impressed with the new skincare ranges on offer and look forward to returning to try the Aus Medic Co. range.

Post child me continued her nostalgic stroll through the CBD shops with a trip to Uniqlo at MidCity.

Where I appreciated the quiet and space of the store just after opening in much the same way I love nearly empty supermarkets first thing in the morning.

I found what I needed on sale.

As well as what I don't, also on sale.

Infant leggings.  Is it just me or were those leggings years one long sleep-deprived odyssey of parenting self-discovery?  I distinctly remember that sense of shared achievement each time we went up a size.  Milestones reached, sleep getting just a little better, dietary range broadening but also more giggles, more character and more hugs and kisses returned.  It was also the time when parenting kind of started to fall into place for me.

How did we do it?  How did any of us do it?  Not much of it went by the books, websites or apps.  It all just happened.  We did what we had to do.  While we laughed, listened, shared, quietly understood and cried if we needed to along the way.  

How was your week?  A bit 'Hmm?' as well?

Take care and be well.

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