Jan 16, 2020

Lovin' LIfe16/1/2020: Getting The Little Jobs Done.

January inherently has a big dose of motivation built into it for me.  The newness of the year coming off the Christmas / New Year break always makes me feel a bit more energetic and motivated to face my 'life in general' jobs list.

This week, I'm lovin' that I finally got around to doing a number of little jobs that have been on my to-do list for far too long. 

Every class photo since preschool of Master SSG's has now been archived in a spiral-bound album.  I've also devoted pages to mementoes of each school year.

Officeworks came up with the goods regarding securing the photos to the album.  These stick-on photo adhesives are much easier to work with than the more traditional photo corners.  There's 250 in a pack so I'm sorted for the rest of my career as a school mum.  They adhesives dispense from a roll and have an easy to remove backing for when you've attached one sticky side to the photo and then need to remove the other side before sticking the photo down.  Genius!

The only other thing I need going forward is persistence and dedication to the cause.

Next up on the niggling small jobs list was to replenish my bulldog clip supply.  I inherited a pretty impressive collection with my office many moons ago but I've now broken them all. 

Mission accomplished... at a price.  Do you overreact when you have to actually buy stationery for work?  Rhetorical question.

I've decorated my office with new art for the new year.

All the vegetables are in this week's meal prep curry.  Goes without saying that I'm exempt from chopping another vegetable for the rest of the week.

While I was cooking the curry, my fancy see-through kettle was getting descaled thanks to the wonder of Magic* descaler.  You can purchase Magic* at the supermarket for around $5 for two sachets.  For fancy see-through kettles, one sachet boiled in a litre of water is all you need for miracles to happen.

What does January make you do?  All the little things or something on a larger scale?


  1. omg, I am in awe at your photo stuff - I was going to sort out all my photos when I went on maternity leave - that was 27 years ago and still not done!

    I did a lot of tidying!

  2. Well, thanks to you and the New Year fitness craze, I took advantage of the Aaptiv new year sale after dithering for a few months. I'm really enjoying the classes too, so thank you!


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