Jan 20, 2020

Out Of Office and Into Nature.

The out of office email is live.

And I've taken it to the great outdoors.

If you go past the tennis courts up the road and to the right a bit, you'll find yourself on a steep road that borders a surprisingly raw bit of the suburb.  Here, trees are left to branch, arch and shed their leaves.  The undergrowth is also left to its own devices - stray branches and leaves find themselves a spot for a lie down in between unruly shrubs.

If you look out to the right you will find treetops, more of those liberated branches and a glimpse of civilization in the form of the local Westfield and its associated high rises.

Long-time readers will know that I'm a city girl through and through.  I live for convenience, the efficiency of travelators and public transport (interesting choice of things to strongly associate with city life but here you have it), that all hours accessibility to things or the chance to order things.

But even the most hard-boiled urbanite needs nature.  To touch, feel, hear and be part of it.

I'm looking forward to continuing work on my screen time this week.

I'm down 31% already!  

Such is the power of loom knitting.  I've moved on from round looms this week and am enjoying the unique challenges of the rectangular version.  I've found the rhythm of looping and hooking and am looking forward to a whole new wardrobe of scarves and beanies this winter.  To pom pom and fringe or not is the next question.

I have reading to catch up on, I have a whole list of little jobs to get done for mum and dad, I have family and dear friends to spend this time with.

See you in a bit.

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  1. I love crocheting! My mom tried to teach me to knit once, but we both stated that knitting my not be a hobby for me, so we opted for crochet. I picked up on it really quick and even self taught myself with various stitches (with the help of YouTube tutorials--how we have we survived without it, I'm not sure!). I may look into doing the looms to see if I can catch on to that!


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