Jan 1, 2020

Twenty Twenty.

Twenty Twenty will be:

  • part of an evolution rather than a year defined by new goals and resolutions that must be fulfilled and achieved by close of business December 31 2020.
  • focused on the journey rather than the destinations that themselves are yet to be fully defined
  • will see me continue to trust my instincts as I continue to live in the light rather than retreating into the darkness of fear
  • a consolidation of boundaries that have taken a sometimes resentful people pleaser like myself all this time to put in place
  • a year of being enough
  • where gratitude will remain my word, hope and goal for each day
  • a year of paying it forward
  • a year of 'live and let live'
  • see me putting myself in the other person's shoes and walking in them (unless they're heels in which case I'll only be able to stand in them, briefly)
  • a year of celebrating my age
  • maintaining a youthful state of mind (much more fulfilling than madly chasing the appearance of youth)
  • looking at the big picture
  • spent looking like and being good old, slightly stressed, often impatient, 'needs that time each day to herself' me.

Fortunately for us all, that's not all Twenty Twenty is going to be about.  The goals of being present, grateful and willing to constantly strive are admirable but try as I might, I just can't write (or Instagram) about them in a consistently entertaining way.

So, here are more tangible things I aim to achieve through the year.  Doable.  Nothing too drastic.  Nothing too crazy.  Lots of the same from Twenty Nineteen.  A whole lot of predictable.

I'm just being honest as per the earnest top half of this post.

But this is my blog and I do like pictures.  So, once more with pictures and some more words in between them.

Expect more of the following from me in Twenty Twenty:
  • travel
  • running
  • yoga
  • posts about my summing up the willpower to declutter that overflowing desk in the spare room I don't use because of said clutter
  • precious time shared with friends and family
  • celebrations on a weekly basis in honour of my fiercely protected day off Tuesdays
  • less drama and more calm as I parent - contingent on all off the above, I suspect.
  • updates on my seedlings.  Some of them have actually made it into the pots in my back garden!
  • the disproportionate amount of joy and things I need to observe about the very little things in life
Other notions for Twenty Twenty:
  • that I might just say yes .... just checking that you're still reading :-P
  • that I will assume the best in situations of ambiguity in the world of WhatsApp group chats because that's often where the truth lies
  • that I will observe the festival of 45 with something self-indulgent. 
    More so than usual, if that is at all possible.

Twenty Twenty.

I'm ready, excited and open to all your possibilities.


  1. Happy New Year! I don't always comment and I don't know if you get the comments but I admire your consistency and joy in the daily life around you. Hope you and your family have a terrific year ahead.

    1. Happy New Year, Amanda! Thank you for your kindness. Apologies for my being so slack in replying to comments through the year.

      Take care

      SSG xxx

  2. Happy new year SSG! I hope you achieve it all! the Instagramable and the not so Instagramable plans for the year ahead!

    1. Happy New Year, Mica! Wishing you and your boys a wonderful 2020!!

      SSG xxx

  3. Happy New Year SSG! I plan on observing everything! May 2020 bring you many blessings to you and yours!


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