Jan 7, 2020

What 'Forty-Five This Year' Looks Like.

This is what 'forty-five this year' looks like.

Scrubs and screening tests. If I could overcome my fear of radiology clinics to get my mammogram and ultrasound then so can you!  It wasn't the most fun I've had on a Tuesday morning but it was bearable and everyone I met dealt with the process as kindly and as gently as they could.  And now it's done and life can go on!

Yoga flow to an Ed Sheeran soundtrack.  It's a thing and it's life changing.

Being in your mid-forties is strange in other ways.  I don't feel that old but I know I'm not as young as I once was.  The need for screening tests, my difficulty with fine print in anything less than bright and direct lighting as well as how my body needs things like yoga and focused breathing as much as my mind these days all loom large in my daily life.

I also find myself doing things the way my mother would and smiling deeply as I do so.  Like making chicken curry with just enough potatoes (too many dry out the gravy you see) and storing it in stainless steel tins for freezing.

Visiting a Telstra store is something else that's an interesting experience to add to the mid-forties life.  You're likely to be the youngest customer but older than most of the staff.

Not only was it interesting, but it was also extremely productive.  I'm on board with the NBN, it's apparently going to be a cinch to connect up once the technician pops by next week and as a bonus... I have a cheaper and better mobile phone plan!  Well played, Telstra!  Now if only you'd get more competitive plans for global roaming.

Some things don't change with age.  For me, the ability to appreciate the here and now is one of them.  With as many senses as possible.

Afternoon walks of cobbly footpaths miraculously blown free of leaves by a refreshing breeze.  It could have been a leaf blower but this is my daydream and the breeze did it.

Running alongside a tall ship on our right as the road to the left roars itself gently awake for the morning.

Stepping outside and inhaling that fresh, post-rain air.  Feeling the quenching squelch of the rain on the tiles under your feet as you hope, pray and act for the future in the wake of those bush fires.

Pausing under the fairy lights lacing a tree on the sidewalk.

Feeling contented, capable and calm.

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