Feb 1, 2020

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: January 2020.

The first month of a new decade.  That’s quite a bit of pressure, January.  You poor thing.

  1. The first day of the new year. And decade.  I’m on that team.  Started as I meant to continue.  Pottering, decluttering, standing my ground and yes … going to Ikea.
  2. I wrote today’s date correctly first go.  And then, dear reader, the day went down hill from there.  
  3. It’s only the third day of the year and I have found my voice and it has been heard. 
  4. Thank you, Celeste. 
    For using your influence and popularity as a comedian and social media star for good.  You’ve harnessed the generosity and compassion of our nation and the world to raise over 10 million dollars for bushfire relief.
  5. I’ve already fallen victim to the great Australian tradition of Hot Cross Buns in January.  They were on sale, though!
  6. The air was heavenly after the rain this morning. I was beginning to forget that earthy freshness that is so invigorating. It’s not just a scent. It’s a total body experience. 
  7. I work with some incredibly kind, united and supportive people.  I am grateful today, as always, for their reassuring presence in my life.
  8. ‘Where your thoughts and energy go, your life will follow’.  My thought for the day. And for life. 
  9. You know that feeling of pure relief when a day goes much better than you feared it might?  That’s what today was proudly sponsored by. 
  10. It’s Friday and all the loose ends have been tied.  
  11. Who knew trimming my wisteria hedge could be so cathartic?  Can’t stop looking out the window at my handiwork. 
  12. A leisurely stroll though Daiso saw me leave with a Knitting Nancy (among other things) and the discovery of a new hobby. Knitting!
  13. Still knitting. 
  14. Ran, knitted, got my hair done and knitted some more.
  15. Rain.  That sweet, sweet rain. The whole state is ecstatic!!
  16. Pilates is exhausting. But fun. 
  17. Last Friday at work before some annual leave. They always fly by in a flurry of typing. 
  18. Work. Rain. Work. Rain. Give me strength. 
  19. Out. Of. Office. 
  20. On. The. Plane. 
  21. Aunty duty days are the best days. 
  22. Perth, you are gorgeous. 

  23. A day in Fremantle isn’t complete without a stop at Cicerello’s for fish and chips. 
  24. Scitech. We always have so much fun here. Second time we’ve been here this week. 
  25. Gong Xi Fa Cai.  Welcoming in the year of the rat with a dragon dance. 
  26. Australia Day fireworks. Always more special when you get to see them in your home city. 
  27. Bye, Perth. Until next time. 
  28. Oh, the Sydney summer humidity. 
    It always hits me hard after the dryness of Perth's heat.  In a less positive way than my tomato seedling and backyard lawn......
  29. First day of school.  We're so organized that the parents' WhatsApp was up and running before midday too.
  30. First day back at work. 
    The perfect reason to treat myself with a McCafe iced latte.
  31. The freezer is full of ice cubes and Zooper Doopers while the fridge is full of every conceivable cool drink a person could need.  We are ready for this weekend's heat wave!

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