Feb 25, 2020

It's Tuesday and I'm Restored.

What a difference a day (and a good night's sleep) makes!

It's been so long since I've been truly sleep-deprived (The Toddler Years, if I remember correctly) that fronting up for work on Monday with 'way less than one hand's fingers' worth of sleep totally threw me.  It felt like being hungover and jetlagged simultaneously only without the fond memories of a European destination (because it's always Europe that breaks me) or the lavish inflight beverages.  Still, it was what it was and I did what I had to do.  Mum life, work life, more mum life and then finally, bed life.

Yes. That is a can of Coke No Sugar. Consumed at 0900 on a Monday. 

And then, dear readers, I woke up to this. 

An absolute pearler of a day.

And on my day off too!

It was a beautiful run

a civilized trip to a nearly empty supermarket to stick up on such household essentials as premade Aeroplane jelly

before heading onwards to Surry Hills for coffee at the recently opened Shenkin cafe.

I love Surry Hills.  Its energy, people, sights and sounds are a refreshingly unusual mix for this old woman from the suburbs.  It's that place that embodies  'a change is as good as a holiday' for me.

Cheeky daytime bubbles?  My hairdresser made me do it.

Here's to restorative Tuesdays!!

Wednesday through to Friday? 

Here.  I.  Come.

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