Feb 10, 2020

Life This Week 10/2/2020: Interesting.

This week's interesting but also embarrassing achievement was that I finally (after having moved house five years ago) unpacked that last packing carton.

Inside the carton (and still in excellent condition, mind you) were a series of my favourite photos of Master SSG as a baby.  In further interesting developments, I have now hung up the entire series. 

Five years to unpack, one day to display.

The photos are now the last thing I see each night before bed.  I reminisce not only about those early months as a new mother but also about the life and routine I had in our old house.

I can't explain why but since the photos have been unpacked and hung, SSG Manor 2.0 has felt even more 'right' than before.  It's been beautiful and unexpected.


  1. Honestly, there's no reason to be embarrassed! It's a sacred right of moving into a place that you keep exactly one box unpacked. To be ready for the next time you have to move ;) #Lifethisweek

  2. How nice that you feel settled.

    My mother's helped me move house the last two times and she's a 'do-er' so basically we don't stop until everything is unpacked. I'm tempted just to shove boxes into cupboards to deal with them later but she's always adamant! It is nice when it's done though.

  3. How lovely! I bet those photos bring you so much comfort and satisfaction! Reading your post reminds me that I still haven't put our wedding photos together in an album and we're celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary today! My bad!

  4. I remember living with so many boxes as a kid as it "wasn't worth" unpacking...

  5. What a great achievement and more-so because it has such meaning to you! Well done #lifethisweek

  6. Oh that is beautiful. Sometimes we are not 'ready' to unpack from the old life...until we are. Clearly you were ready. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week is 7/51 T: Telling Self-Care Stories #1. 17.2.2020. Hope to see you there AND the next 10 prompts are on the home page now! Denyse.


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