Feb 24, 2020

Life This Week 24/2/2020: Unusual.

Things that were off the beaten track for me this week:

I stumbled upon this VHS videocassette that had been put on the verge for bulk rubbish collection.  It was a sobering moment trying to explain to Master SSG what they are and they did way back in the day.  How can the eighties be so long ago?

This roundy-spinny thing I was put onto at Mitre 10.  It's unusual to me as I only own a very basic set of tools for odd jobs around the house.  It was cheaper than buying a wrench and socket to secure the one hexagonal screw I had to attend to over the weekend.  I wonder when I'll ever use it again?

Is it a cute fluffy-tailed panda or is it a tape measure?  It's both and its new home is in my knitting bag.

Because knitting is the new running around here, another knitting moment is next up in the post.  I wonder if a knot in your ball of wool from Spotlight is like finding a double-yolked egg in a carton from the supermarket?  A sign of good luck, perhaps for the knitting project the blessed ball of wool is about to become a part of.  Even tensioned stitches, no lost stitches....  I can only hope.

Unusual for this week but not for much longer than that was the official start of my career as Director of After School Activities slash Personal Assistant to a preppie.  I have bought so many things for so many different activities these last few weeks.  Dance stores, sporting goods stores, tabs on Amazon I've never clicked on before.  It's a busy life being seven these days.

Over to you.  Anything unusual from your week just gone?


  1. Less unusal and more exciting! Dance stores? Knitting? You are busy and creative! Sounds WONDERFUL!!

  2. It's so busy being 7. Looking forward to the next knitting progress report - I love that wool!

  3. Ooh is that a violin for the preppie? Interesting! And those dancing shoes take me back to visiting the bloch shop for ballet and tap shoes. I've never seen one of those Mitre 10 spinny things either but it sounds useful.

  4. Well that's the cutest tape measure I've ever seen!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. Don't you just feel so young when something like a VHS cassette baffles the kids?! :D Tech travels too fast and makes us not-so-olds with kids, feel like dinosaurs! Geez, I used to work in video tape editing and to be honest, I loved its creativity and the handiwork of it. The digital age lacks in enjoyment for me because apps and programs are merely automatic and frustrating.
    I can't wait until it all comes full circle and the craft of our modern lives returns - and it will eventually.

  6. Well I certainly hope my acute back injury stays acute and unusual :) I had VHS tapes for so long - finally gave them away maybe 5 years ago.

  7. Unusual items, indeed. Thanks, SSG, for sharing this. #lifethisweek

  8. It's been a long time since I saw a VHS tape. I guess there are no VHS tape players anymore so why hang onto them?

    I hope your knot in the ball of yarn IS good luck. Maybe you should play the lottery! :)

  9. Oh wow! Haven't seen a video cassette in such a long time! But the memories! Haha nice tape measure! Very cute. And so impressed that you knit. Hope you've been having a good week

  10. I sure hope you can access the NSW Govt $100 for kids' activities! It is full on but I also add (teacher/grandma me) that too much can wear you all out!!

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is Taking Stock. Using words of your own or ones from other bloggers as prompts is cool. Hope to see you there: 2 March 2020. Denyse.


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