Feb 3, 2020

Life This Week 3/2/2020: Share Your Snaps.

And we're back to reality with a thud.  A hot and sweaty thud, to be precise.  The February heat has well and truly arrived in Sydney and I, for one, am drained by it.  The big challenge in my life right now is finding the get-up and go required for #workingmumlife in weather that's more conducive to lazing languidly by a large body of water with an icy cold beverage in hand.  Life clearly wasn't meant to be easy.

The theme for this week's snaps is 'back to reality'.

All the colour in the work car park.

A McCafe Iced Latte to celebrate surviving until that first midday back at work.

Facing my wisteria hedge that appears to be immune to smoke, extreme heat and the big dry of the current summer. It was cathartic, as always, whipping it into shape with my hedge trimmers.

That first load of 'big school' summer uniforms up on the line to dry.  It all looks suspiciously non 'non-iron'.

That first polish of the 'big school' school shoes.  Can you believe they survived three full days at school without any visible scuffs?  I'm amazed, even if you aren't.  I'm also relieved that polishing shoes is so easy these days.  None of that wrestling with the lid of a tin of shoe polish and then having to brush your shoes to a satisfying sheen after applying said polish all over your shoes (and yourself).

This beautiful sunrise on my Saturday morning run.

Deep down, it did feel good to get back into my Saturday Elliptical routine.  Truly it did.

Good coffee.  No further explanation required.

Partaking of Officeworks' hot dog fundraiser.  A nice contrast to Bunnings' and Woolies' fundraising sausage sizzle.  Variety is the spice of life.

Feeling sheepish about the ironing.  I was convinced I'd lose at least 8 hours of my weekend to it but in the end it only took ... 10 minutes.

How's your week been?  Has it been hard going getting back into your everyday routine after the summer that was?  You're definitely not alone.


  1. Aaaah yes back to reality - and normality.

  2. I looked after a friend's child last week for his first week back at school and it couldn't have come at a worse time as I'd had car issues and work stuff is a bit stressful. And yes, the heat and humidity was killing me. At least I'm back at my own place now... but realise you're still battling all of the commitments!

    Am impressed at the amount of stuff you fit in AND exercised.

  3. Back to the working mum routine SSG - it looks like you're managing it all well and still getting a little bit of "me" time in amongst it all.

  4. Oh man, this heat has me beat! I've taken to walking around with a facecloth in my bag so I can mop my brow (and everything else that is dripping with sweat!) I've even resorted to iced coffees because it's just been too hot for a regular brew. That sunrise is exceptional - any day that starts like that has to be good!

  5. Win/win on the ironing front! Love the back to reality theme this week #lifethisweek

  6. That sunrise run looks so appealing! It almost makes back to reality fun. I used to have a wisteria hedge until it finally got the better of me. It was completely out of control, so I hacked it way back. Even then, it refused to die. That plant had a mind of its own!

  7. He's still little, ironing is OK. I tend to detest February and its humidity but after the nasty heat of January and what it brought, I knew the humidity would be rain-making and it is. Good news about the bushfires too. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week #174. Next week's optional prompt is 6/51 Interesting 10.2.2020. Hope to see you again there too. Denyse.

  8. Looks like you managed your back to routine very well. I'm making a note not to visit Sydney in February :) #lifethisweek

  9. School uniforms that need ironing at the WORST invention ever. Why do that to people? That said, they always look SO CUTE all buttoned up in the end. Haha.


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