Feb 9, 2020

The Rain. In the Kitchen. Babyfacial.

You have a Sydneysider checking in today so of course all I have to talk about is The Rain.

Its ferocity has flooded carparks, caused leaks to spring in more than one roof, wreaked havoc on the traffic and caused all sorts of other interruptions to daily suburban life.  But (such an important 'but' that I've begun a sentence with the 'b' word) it has also brought much-needed relief to the bush fire-ravaged areas of the state, given the city a hit of green and freshness and given me a much needed go slow weekend.

The mornings have been too wet and slippery to hit the great outdoors for a spot of long-distance running, gardening or laundry hanging up.  Instead, it's been the great indoors for me and I've embraced its less strenuous activities with both hands and a mug of instant coffee.

Knitting projects have been finished under the direction of my favourite YouTubers

I've rediscovered the escalating one-up manTwitship of the Twits (the walking stick trick is my all-time favourite) with Master SSG

and my hardest cardio has been walking to the pool for swimming lessons in my gumboots.

There's been lots of activity in the kitchen on account of the weather.  This large batch of fridge clearing fried rice is going to go far in terms of quick weeknight dinners and school lunches this term.

There is a recipe for miso crusted broccolini and edamame in the Jan/Feb 2020 issue of Super Food Ideas.

I'm trialling it as a meal prep lunch.  The tray baked broccolini (topped with butter, ginger, sesame and garlic-infused butter) gets served with soba and lemon wedges.    I'll report back.

As a loyal Masterfoods household, it was a given that their NY Cheeseburger Style Mac&Cheese would make an appearance for dinner.  Two thumbs up from us!

Recipe Tin Eats has delivered yet another winning dinner.  Her take on oven-baked fish fingers is easy, delicious and it's even possible to freeze prepped (but not baked) fish for future meals.

In discoveries beyond the kitchen, Drunk Elephant's Babyfacial ($80 USD but not available in Australia because of what I understand are issues with food and drug standards not being met) has arrived to rock my skincare world via a very kind friend. 

I bring up Babyfacial for a number of reasons.  Sunday is my 'go the extra mile' skincare day so I'll be popping this on a bit later.  Food and drug standards issues aside, Babyfacial is doing great things for my skin.  It's a potent BHA and AHA face mask and all you need to do is wear it for 20 minutes once a week, wash it off and try to stop yourself from constantly touching your new, soft face.  It did tingle a bit on my face at first and it does taste bitter if you accidentally wash it off into your mouth (this is me you're reading so, of course, this actually happened) but minor issues really for the miracles worked.

The internet has a list of potential equivalent products I could buy in Australia when my bottle of Babyfacial runs out but at this point, my favourite DE product is number one on my shopping list for next trip to the US.  Which I haven't actually started planning yet.  Better get moving on that, actually.  During this wet and housebound weekend, even.

Hope you're all safe and well in this weather.

And hoping that while this rain has and is doing great things for the country we get a hint of sun in the coming week.  

I can feel cabin fever coming on.

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  1. It's a wet weekend here too - a quiet one as my knee injury is really playing up after seeing a different physio this week! Lots of comfort food on the menu here too - best thing for a rainy day :)


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