Feb 4, 2020

Waiting for the NBN. The Spoils of Summer.

It's a relatively cool, make that perfect 19C in Sydney right now. 

Perfect conditions, really, to be waiting with bated breath as the Telstra NBN technician works miracles as he tries to content my house to the promised land of the NBN.

Can you believe that only a few days ago we were sweltering through a suburban heatwave I thought would never end?  It was that energy-depleting, soul-draining kind of heat that lingered despite sun setting and despite the rain.  That Malteser Bunny had the right idea hiding in the freezer on a bed of freshly made ice cubes.

It was a weekend of drinking every conceivable fluid in the name of staying hydrated and fluid balanced.  We rediscovered raspberry cordial and discovered how delicious it is made with soda water and lots of ice.

Slushies were the perfect way to stay cool as we joined everyone else in the city at our local shopping centre.  I suppose if we were all clustered enjoying the air conditioning in a few central locations, it would ease the stress on the power grids because fewer homes would be using their systems.  See, shopping centres can be good for the environment after all!

Nature's own air conditioner is the beach in the evening.

Redleaf was an oasis on Saturday.

We ran, swam and paddled but mostly we just sat, immersed in the cooling water.  It was a coolness that lingered well after we begrudgingly left the beach for home.  Frayed nerves were soothed, flushed skin was calmed. 

The setting sun made the sky rose gold.  The city's reward for surviving another day of heat.

All that remains is for my NBN miracle to happen....

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  1. Raspberry cordial with soda water is my fav! This winter we hope to visit Australia soon .
    Thank you


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