Mar 23, 2020

Life This Week 23/3/2020: Out and About.

In this strange new world of ours, even the concept of being 'out and about' has been turned on its head.  The seemingly rare opportunities to experience the little things of our old, 'normal' world are moments to be celebrated.  'Normal' seems like decades, rather than weeks ago to me.

Without further ado...  a few little glimpses of normality afforded to me this week.

It's a thing of beauty, joy and wonder, isn't it?  A fully stocked minced meat section at the supermarket.  The date: Friday, March 20, 2020, the time: 1645.

I'm one of the lucky (depending on how you look at it) people who still gets to commute to my usual place of work each day.  While everyone else is now au fait with Zoom and Pexip, I've only just added them to my phone because I've spent the day doing normal work things like take part in the great 'remove or leave the staples before shredding' debate that gripped our team last week.  For the record, I always remove them.  It would not be a good look if my staple was the one that broke the shredder everyone on the ward has to use on a daily basis.  Not good at all.

Speaking of work.  In this brave new world of ours, infection control has become a priority beyond the workplace.  There's growing concern about the possibility of bringing the virus home with us at the end of each day.  One possible solution is for those of us who trot around in civilian clothes and shoes to switch to scrubs and washable shoes like Crocs.  Never one to shy away from the opportunity to investment dress for any occasion, I've ordered these steel grey scrubs and some black Crocs, the appropriately named 'On the Clock' style.


I might never return to civvies again if the scrubs and clogs are as comfy as they look.

Any opportunity to simply be outside and moving my body has been savoured.  

No matter how mundane the vista, keeping my connection to the physical world around me is a privilege I'm using as much as I can as rumours of suburban lockdowns swirl in the press.  Given the way we've treated Bondi Beach in recent days, I'm not surprised more restrictive interventions are being considered.  Will we ever take this seriously, I wonder?

Social distancing has now been increased to 4 square metres, which will effectively close many bars and restaurants.  Black crosses have appeared on the floor of my local Woolworths as visual prompts for us all to keep our distance.  

The internet is pretty much our portal to the outside world when we're not at work or school.  Homework gets uploaded to SeeSaw by Master SSG while I furiously google everything (including how to use Pic Collage) to help in my laptop.  God bless the NBN!

Authors, artists, actors and celebrities have reached out as their contribution to help make self isolation less traumatic for children (and their parents).  Mo Willems has started a series of videos inviting fans to draw and chat with him at lunchtime.  It's just delightful.

Image result for frozen star book reading josh gadd
via twitter
Josh Gad, famous for his voice in 'Frozen' has begun reading stories via Twitter each night.

Art. books and the human voice.  How humbling that it's taken us a pandemic to truly appreciate these feats of human civilization.

The world is as full of pleasant surprises and silver linings these days.  We just need to be still, breathe and seek them out.

Be well.


  1. It certainly is a different world we are in at the moment SSG. I've been appreciating even more living by the ocean and being able to get back to nature when anxiety threatens. Take care and stay healthy! #lifethisweek

  2. Josh Gadd reading stories? Yes, please! It's a strange new world we're living in, isn't it? I feel much happier now that there are more restrictions, I've been horrified at how little regard some people have for social distance. For now, I'm enjoying the fresh air (and the social distance) walking the dog and am finding the silver linings, I'm not going to complain about quality time at home with my husband and my dog! Maybe you could start a new trend with the scrubs and crocs - I wonder if there is a hashtag for #scrubscouture ?! Stay safe !

  3. I know it's a terrible time and I dread what's to come but it's always a reminder (like the bushfires and women's marches in the US a couple of years ago) that there are good people in this world and most of them (us) step up in times of crisis.

    We find a new normal and sometimes that may even be better than the way we did things before.

  4. A whole fridgeful of mince - be still my beating heart. Seriously though I was astounded at the stupidity of Bondi on Friday, it's a strange new world we're in and the sooner people realise the seriousness of this the better.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the twitter stories...As for the meat, while there was plenty of meat, I was only allowed to buy 2 chicken breasts (for the house of 6). So, we'll all become vegetarians soon whether we want to or not!!

  6. I totally agree with this SSG 'The world is as full of pleasant surprises and silver linings these days. We just need to be still, breathe and seek them out.' very well said indeed!! Hope your new scrubs and crocs work out for you. Stay safe xx #lifethisweek

  7. Firstly, meat!!! OMG. Love how you time stamped that moment frozen in time.
    Secondly, " take part in the great 'remove or leave the staples before shredding' debate that gripped our team last week" HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Thirdly, "Greys Anatomy"!!! more laughter knowing your line of work. But seriously SSG, Crocs? Come on girlfriend ... no. Just no. :P

  8. And still nature remembers it Tibouchina time. I always know Autumn is here when I see the familiar purple. Thanks for the explainer about the scrubs and why there is now an almost cottage industry set up (Arterie at Chris O'Brien have) to get more scrubs made. It also explains why my opthalmologist wore hers to my post-op eye surgeries today. Good thinking. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week, the optional prompt, is for some, the (Easter) seasonally-based 13/51 Chocolate 30.3.2020. Hope to see you back linking up then too. Denyse.


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