Mar 12, 2020

Lovin' Life 12/3/2020: Five Things.

This week, I'm lovin':

Homemade bread which I baked in my trusty slow cooker before browning up the crust in my equally indispensable benchtop convection oven.  I used this recipe from Baked By An Introvert's blog.  I like how readily available the ingredients are and that it is a no-knead recipe. 

Bonus tip: pop a tea towel under the lid of your slow cooker before you start baking / slow cooking your bread.  The towel will absorb excess moisture and prevent it from dripping onto your bread.

Next time, however, I will heed Jennifer Garner's advice about not killing the yeast in boiling water and using lukewarm water instead.

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Which brings me to my second love of the week, Jennifer Garner's Pretend Cooking Show.  Regular readers will know of my almost obsession with stars who keep it real.  As I get deeper and deeper into the 'certain age' category of the forties and beyond, it does my soul such good to see the 'real and relatable' side of actresses of my vintage deal with their lives and the vague parallels of said lives with my own (which is basically having children, being fortysomething and being a working single mother).  Yes, they look stunning and Hollywood casual as they go about their lives but the cooking and parenting dramas they face are the stories of my life too.  Their grace and good humour keep me keeping on in my own little world.

I am loving, quite deeply, that Monday night I had 'off'.  Master SSG was away at camp for the night and all I had to do when I got home from work was sip rose champagne, do some knitting, unwind with some yoga and then take myself to bed.  In no particular order.

Don't these carrots from The Odd Bunch look even better than the standard offerings at the shops these days?  Lovin' it.

Lastly, I'm lovin' a pretty little thing this week.  The torch function on my iPhone.  For months, I've been hating how it seems to turn itself on at will but this week, it's saved me from many potential falls down the stairs of the car park at work.  The recent bad weather has left the lighting situation in a mess there with some levels of the stairs well lit and others in darkness.  My iPhone torch makes my daily stair climbs much safer than they otherwise would be.

It's been the little things for me this week.  How about you?


  1. I didn't know the torch could turn itself on. I rarely think to use it thought I should....

    That bread looks amazing! I am not using Instagram at the moment but I loved Jennifer Garner's cooking videos when I did have it on my phone. She's so funny!!!

  2. Hi SSG - I haven't seen Jennifer Garner cooking (I still think of her from her Alias days and it makes me smile to see her so domesticated after all that butt kicking!) Loved your bread and your knitting - you're becoming so domesticated!

  3. Okay, that's me off to use my lunch hour productively watching Jennifer Garner...and I'd never think of using my slow cooker for bread!


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