Mar 19, 2020

Lovin' Life 19/3/2020: Five Things

Things that have put a smile on my dial this week:

1.  Proper, actual, 'chapter books'.  I'm reading these with Master SSG.  They were favourites from my own childhood.

2.  The humble Milk Arrowroot thickly spread with butter and creamed honey.  So simple but so good.

3.  Rainbows. I hope they are a good omen for us all in the midst of this period of fear and anxiety.  Look, I even got a double rainbow in that first photo!

4.  Finding Children's Panadol at the chemist.  This epidemic of hoarding has a silver lining in that it has encouraged many of us to forgo the convenience of chain retailers and support local businesses more.  I found my Panadol at an independent pharmacy where I work.  Sensible information was displayed about the need to limit customer purchases and this request was being politely adhered to.

5. A delivery from Adore Beauty featuring favourites old and new.  The Tim Tam, the generous gifts with purchase, the tongue in cheek and eco-friendly packaging.  What's not to love?

PS - that Benefit 'Precisely, My Brow..' brow pencil is everything in the world of brows.  Easy to use, very natural results and with so many shades, there's one that's sure to be yours.

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